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    Death and such

    Yeah, it fucking sucks. Which is why I would say to everyone to be very careful to distinguish between what you think is real and what actually is.
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    Death and such

    Well, it's hard for me to answer... I think a lot of people who I know (fat or not) live lives that I would not personally, but I don't get on their case for it. I myself was recently effectively disowned by my parents because they "couldn't stand to see me kill myself" by being so fat and I'm...
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    Death and such

    We all say things that are off sometimes, but truly, to place the blame on others so consistently is really slippery. If your objective is to actually promote discussion about the topic you'd like to introduce, you can either keep going with the same kind of approach and get the knee-jerk...
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    Death and such

    How is the whole disdain for "doing things like cup cake eating etc... for effect" anything but another version of the dismay/shame expressed in thinguy4bbw's thread about SS/BBWs eating in public? A matter of degree, perhaps, but the basic reaction of the OP seems very much the same...
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    Are BBWs undermining each other?

    I think this is very true. Undoubtedly true. In addition, it's odd to put a group of people together based on physicality and expect them all to get along/support each other as people. Some do, some don't. Some people are supportive, some are selfish, some are just straight-up nasty...
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    The Restaurant Meal PICS Thread!

    Ok, given the lobster roll discussion and my subsequent return to Montauk, I decided to do a taste comparison of two east end establishments... Clam Bar (who provided the lobster roll I ate a few weeks ago) and Lunch, its competition right across the Napeague (thus technically in Amagansett)...
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    Got an immediate problem, help!

    Is that what Ayn Rand would do? I love you, F... I just can't stand Ayn Rand! :D Forgot my actual answer: I'd tell the hotel management about it. Accidents are just that- sometimes they happen to you, sometimes they happen to other people. I doubt they'd make you pay the price of a brand new...
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    Trouble getting over an ex... complicated

    If you're having a baby in November, it sounds like you've had other things going on as well, which isn't a bad thing (unless it's his?). What's done is done... you don't want to waste any more time on this guy by pining for him. Go out and do new things, create new memories... with a baby on...
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    Has anyone here bought an external charger for a Macbook battery?

    That's the question! Has anyone bought an external charger for a Macbook battery? My favorite cafe to work in has just roped off their outlets for good. I have a spare battery, and I could work all day if I could charge it again after use. I found a couple on Amazon but I don't know if...
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    The Restaurant Meal PICS Thread!

    Spent the weekend in Montauk, which involved a lot of cooking, but the last day we went to the Clam Shack in Amagansett... Shared fried clam strips to start Then a lobster roll... very abundant and very good! I was thinking of taking a job there and having my wages paid out solely in...
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    The Restaurant Meal PICS Thread!

    Went to dinner at Daniel with my parents… wonderful as always, although they had removed the duck that is usually on the menu, the duck that is the family favorite and which I fight NOT to order so I can try new things, the duck that I dream of and which is truly the best I’ve ever tasted. But...
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    FA age distribution

    Hi all! I meet lots of single FAs in the their 20s and some in their 40s, but I very rarely encounter single FAs in their 30s... I wonder if anyone else has noticed this? If so, what do you think could account for this skewed age distribution?
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    The One NON-DIMS RELATED Thing Annoying You Most Right Now Part Trois.

    My latest bout of foot-in-mouth disease. Ugh! :(
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    The Restaurant Meal PICS Thread!

    It's one of my favorite restaurants... I'm a sucker for great French bistros!
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    Do you have a fat ass and love opera?

    Saw this as well... an iffy opera, but a fantastic vehicle to show off Fleming's voice (as was intended I'm sure!). :)