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  1. taobear

    Girls That Like Big Guys Post Pics And Any Comments Here

    No, we can never have enough
  2. taobear

    Where are YOU located?

    I'm live in a small town 75 miles west of San Antonio called Sabinal Tx. don't blink you might miss it. three miles east of Burma Shave. Where dreams are growing wild.
  3. taobear

    FFA Gaining Faster Than Fiancee

    My Karma ran over my Dogma
  4. taobear

    The Music Thread
  5. taobear

    What did you cook today?

    why does this make me think of that old show HEE HAW "HEY Grandpa what's for Dinner"
  6. taobear

    Anyone have experience with migraines?

    I had migraines as a kid all the time but now I usually feel them coming on and break out the Aleve and find a dark room before I get sick. If that don't work I'm done for twelve hours. I can't see, can't move and forget about turning on a light. Ice packs are a God send. Sometimes I just...
  7. taobear

    As a BHM are you also attracted to BBWs and voluptuous women?

    I have a weakness for smaller women tiny to tell the truth but I am attracted to all women of any size if she is into me I'm at her door. LOL
  8. taobear

    The Music Thread

    I love this band....
  9. taobear

    Girls That Like Big Guys Post Pics And Any Comments Here

    Cute, I like the skeptic look.
  10. taobear

    Question for the BHMS: Lets Get Physical.

    To answer the first part of your question, when I was growing up I had an uncle that was huge and I thought he was the coolest guy on the planet, and my mom dated a guy they called Mountain man he was like my hero. To the second part, I have always been open up to the point of causing pain...
  11. taobear

    Women Do You prefer a non hairy chest or hairy chest

    Oh my ok I'm done.....
  12. taobear

    All djudex all dtime

    *shivers* oh my, with you in the hat? *Drools*
  13. taobear

    My first kiss..

    my first kiss was to this song I had to get her drunk first though.
  14. taobear

    The thread for random single confessions!

    LOL poor guy
  15. taobear

    Ever get the feeling...

    I wasn't even looking those times one was a girl I worked with another I met at walmart. The third was a gal I met at a waffle house she was a striper but I didn't know that until she after we had been out a couple times. I don't go looking for women who are messed up, they just find me. I...
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