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    The Hotel New Orleans - by Casso (SSBBW/SSBHM, Immobility, , Heavy Sex, ~XXWG )

    Man, that's wonderful to hear - mostly that it sounds like you're in a good place, I'm glad. But also, that it sounds like we're getting some new chapters of THE best weight story ever. "Hotel New Orleans" is great weight gain and description of fat women (very fat women), but it's also a...
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    BBW Reality Check - By Madeline Maple (SSBBW, Romance, Imagery, ~XWG)

    MAN this is good, beautifully written! thanks
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    The Warm-Up (BBW, WG, Edited)

    Very much looking forward to the next chapters. thanks:D
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    The Donut Coupon - SSBBW, XXWG

    Good stuff! Realistic dialogue, well written, could use some more descriptiveness but I get the feeling that's coming. thanks! Let's see some more.
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    The Jab -~BBW, ~SWG, ~Sci-Fi

    I concur, also. A steady, gradual (but still dramatically fast for normal) increase would be much more effective. But I'm not letting that detract from an EXCELLENT story, beautifully written. You did a great job:bow: Many thanks, if you decided to redo it so lovely-mannered Jennifer porks...
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    Food Baby (~BBW, ~SWG, ~Preg)

    This is excellent, well-written, and a great character in Jen. You HAVE to continue this! Thanks for a really nice, fun story.:D
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    Lady Hamilton's Story

    This is terrific! Can't wait for the next chapters. thanks
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    The Soul Mate - by UKLionheart (~BBW, Force Feeding, ~~WG)

    and very well written - can't wait for the next installment. thanks
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    Swallowing Success (SSBBW, XXWG, Lesbian, Sex)

    This is good! All your stuff is good, but "Royal Loyalty" is the best one - any chnce of another chapter soon? thanks!
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    Loyal Royalty (SSBBW, Immobility, Force-feeding, ~XGW)

    Excellent! Really looking forward to next installment. thanks
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    Blame Picasso's Extended Absence

    We're glad things are going well for you, and welcome back to you and the unparalleled HTNO. I may have a stroke, though, on anticipation of almost straight erotica featuring an "Alyssa who has grown quite a bit". Can't wait to read the next chapter. thanks so much! Tarquin :bow:
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    The Soul Mate - by UKLionheart (~BBW, Force Feeding, ~~WG)

    Terrific story, and well-written! Anxiously waiting for the next chapter.
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    BBW Something's Gotta Give - by StrugglingWriter (~BBW, ~XWG)

    What a masterpiece! This is the right way - slow and increasing weight gain - to get to truly massive obesity. Yes, I can wait! Thanks for the length and detail, looking forward to each episode and thanks for this tremendous work. Great writing and good character development, by the way. :bow:
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    Major League Weight Gain - by Angel Knight (~BBW, Realistic, ~~WG)

    Great stuff! Looking forward to next installment.