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  1. The Fez

    Dear Conrad:

    Ok I know I should be leaving already, but, no, I haven't done this to anybody else. This is another thing that's getting spun out of nowhere. I've very recently borrowed a very small amount of money from two other people that I didn't even meet through this forum, and am still talking to about...
  2. The Fez

    Dear Conrad:

    what I just said the victim shouldn't take any of the blame also I pm'd webmaster asking for a ban but I've had no reply. And yeah, if things are being said that aren't true, I'd rather correct them than just leave it all up there.
  3. The Fez

    Dear Conrad:

    not that it makes a difference to how bad this all is, but on the day we were getting drinks, she gave me her card and pin and sent me to the cash point, and I took way more than I should have. Also Wallace the victim doesn't share any of the blame in this case, jesus christ.
  4. The Fez

    Dear Conrad:

    what I did is probably worse than all of the above. I'm well aware of that and what I want to do now is make sure she gets her money back, get some therapy and move on with my life. Although I guess I'm supposed to be this really evil person so, sure, you can think that if you want, I won't...
  5. The Fez

    Dear Conrad:

    (I'm quitting of my own accord so no need to get the banhammer out, I know Conrad isn't a fan) What I did was awful yes, but just to be clear, I don't go around the forum as a 'predator' luring women into this. She's the only person I've stolen from (not excusing how bad it is), and I'll be...
  6. The Fez

    Urban Dictionary your name...

    A lot of these are about Myspace Tom the man responsbile for the monstrosity known as "myspace", owner and operator of said site, and consequently the man blamed every time myspace is down. "god damnit! myspace shit the bed again. fuck you tom!" although personally I like Tom a...
  7. The Fez

    2011 Singles thread

    Single, but really not putting the effort in should probably work on that
  8. The Fez

    France vs. New Zealand

    The way they've been playing, no, they don't have a chance. Australia have been a stronger side this year than France and they were trounced by the All Blacks, so I can't really see any other result.
  9. The Fez

    What do you smell like?

    sweat, tears and urine
  10. The Fez

    Ten Things I *blank* About You...

    This sub-forum is more fun than the rest 1. It irks me a bit that somebody in your position within the community is such a creep and general douche. 2. Kissing your ex before me while I'm standing right next to you is a pretty crappy thing to do. Helped me get over you at least. 3. I...
  11. The Fez

    Ten Things I *blank* About You...

    going back to my post and trying to remember who each number was about was fun
  12. The Fez

    Being shy about liking big women

    It gets easier as you get older, and realise that other people won't give a shit either way about your preferences. Kids are cruel, but I've found as an adult, people don't really care and you'll (hopefully) get used to being open about it edit: and by open I don't mean parading the fact in...
  13. The Fez

    2011 Singles thread

    Also back. Expect it to be a long stay.
  14. The Fez

    How to tell my girlfriend about me being a FA?

    With the use of hand-puppet theatre
  15. The Fez

    can a fa be not physcially attracted to his girlfriend or wife

    What is this I don't even