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    Random FOODEE Thoughts and Confessions

    ^ IC I love spirals so much more than regular macaroni and know exactly what you're talking about.
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    Random FOODEE Thoughts and Confessions

    Since EK asked and I love to blab: They were fab and easy! The icing was just scalded sugar and milk and vanilla with the juice of a couple limes (well strained), and the cake was: Ingredients: 1 cup ground poppy seed 1 cup milk 1 cup butter 2 cups sugar 3 eggs, separated 2 cups...
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    Random FOODEE Thoughts and Confessions

    IC I spent the weekend with a dear heart and made lime poppyseed cupcakes on Saturday. They had a caramel lime glaze. In twenty-four hours, we ate twenty cupcakes.
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    Why Are You Here???

    You can throw a match on me, but none of those tacky orange robes, 'kay?
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    Why Are You Here???

    Love you, too, Sandie dear. :)
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    Why Are You Here???

    Bottom line: A public crucifying isn't worth fuck all. Someone said something very childish. It's not the first time and it's not the last. It's distasteful as hell, but God knows I've said some distasteful shit. And we all have to take the naturally consequential, "Wow, you're a bitch...
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    Why Are You Here???

    Love the post, Miss Saucy. I'm here because I think it's important for those outside the dominant paradigm to get a chance at fair social and political treatment, and because a physical difference that hasn't been popular for awhile shouldn't make people feel limited in their beauty or...
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    Do Only Fat Girls Break Chairs???

    People with shitty luck break chairs. I've broken my fair share, about three.
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    why do you think you are thin?

    Everyone stop paying attention to Mini. I have to hear his bitching about his self-inflicted wounds after the fact. I'm thin partially because of genetics and partially because of lifestyle. If I ate whatever I wanted, I'd be thin. I am THINNER because of lifestyle choices. My body's not...
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    How Do You Tell Someone?

    Sometimes relationships end because bodies change too much to warrant remaining together. The slim young lady some guy married in college might gain weight with her new busy career as a lawyer where she chooses to spend what little free time she has watching movies and volunteering at the...
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    what are you happy about today? Part 1

    I got the nicest compliment from Vickie today that made me smile. Also: Having a friend excited about my visit makes me happy. Being accused of being drunk because of discussing eating Vaseline was pretty sweet, too. Good day, all around.
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    Happy Birthday, ThatFatGirl!

    Happy birthday to one of the most beautiful women I've had the pleasure of knowing. :)
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    Last night's dinner for hubby's family.

    I'm hoping to see Michael and drag him up with me this summer. :p And not a lick of French. But I am GREAT at nodding my head and pretending to get it.
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    delicious kotleti

    Wonderful! It's a Russian dish, yes? I'd love to see you do one on blini.
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    What is your favorite Breakfast?

    A dark roast coffee, black, with a plain but toasted chocolate chip bagel. Yes, I'm that easy to please. :)