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    Things we break :)

    I'm not at all into humiliation or any of that. I know some guys are, but that's really not my thing. I wouldn't take any pleasure in a big gal breaking anything she was uncomfortable about breaking. I know "Warrior" and I talked a long time ago about a girl, Brandi, I used to date, who was...
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    Things we break :)

    It's been a while since I've observed anything like this. But the last girl I dated seriously before the woman I wound up marrying was attending grad. school and staying in a big apartment near the campus, sharing the space with several roommates. She was thick/curvy herself, but short (only...
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    SSBBW Excited to make small rides struggle under her weight:))

    The problem is, you have to have a BBW or SSBBW who is truly comfortable with her size to play around like this. I've had the good fortune of dating a couple of women who were, but my wife isn't such a willing participant with all of that anymore. (She's ok with being "big" to a point, but is...
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    What to you think about furniture breaking?

    I think I only recall one time when a woman I was dating broke a chair, and that was one of those molded plastic one piece chairs that are pretty junky to begin with. We were at some bar, on the patio, and they had those chairs placed all around umbrella tables to sit at. My g/f sat down and I...
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    Q about lower bellies.

    Yeah.... One of my ex g/f's was a large-framed, busty German gal who weighed about 285 when we first met. Her older sister was taller and bigger around than her (and photos I saw of their mother indicated their large size ran in the family). She was always real competitive with her sister...
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    Things we break :)

    We have a big screen plasma TV that I decided would be nicer to mount on the wall, instead of having it sit on a table. Unlike the LCD sets, this thing is fairly heavy -- so I bought a large size bracket for it. It's the type where a metal arm pulls out from the wall and lets you angle the...
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    Things we break :)

    This is only sort of a "broken furniture" story, but some of you will probably enjoy it. A while back, I was hanging out with a woman who was working on an advanced college degree and living in an apartment on campus with a couple of roommates. One of her roommates was a big, tall black...
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    What is your weight right now?

    Did he mean it that way, or did he just assume mistakenly that the member in question didn't view the weight loss as a positive thing? I'm always supportive of people doing whatever makes them happier. If that happens to be weight loss, ok - great.... you're in good company with the vast...
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    my massive fat belly laying on stuff ♥

    You're right that these were awesome photo ideas! :) I've actually seen a few videos out there of women weighing their bellies on scales, and honestly, I don't think any of them weighed more than about 60lbs. So that's pretty impressive yours reads a full 80! (If you gain some more, you...
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    Weight scale Pics..

    No chance of getting a current "maxxing out the old scale" pic though? Hehe.... :)
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    How fat do you like 'em?

    To me, there are really two different things going on. If we're talking what I find most physically attractive? Then it's much more about shape than size. I'm not into skinny women who are just too thin to have any curves on their figure, but beyond that? Weight isn't all that relevant compared...
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    Weight scale Pics..

    Honestly, I do too -- and it seems a little bit odd that so many people are comfortable posting updates about their current weight, yet would refuse to share a photo with the scale? (But hey, maybe it's just as "odd" to like seeing these types of photos or videos? I dunno.... Just know I...
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    Gaining for love

    How many people out there go on diets primarily to please their significant other? I'm not really trying to debate this topic one way or the other.... but just thinking it probably happens a lot and few people would find fault with it.
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    20's dating 30's

    I've thought a lot about some of this myself in the recent past, so interesting to read all the comments here about it. On one hand, I *completely* understand where khayes is coming from, about frustration as a teen or 20-something who consistently finds women of interest in his age group are...
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    How many BBWS here can bench press 200 pounds or more?

    As someone who's always had a thing for strong/muscular women as well as simply "BBWs", I've gone out with several women who were pretty amazingly strong. Like other people said though, usually, it's leg strength more than anything else. One of the girls I knew who could bench press the most...