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  1. Uriel

    I lie awake at night worrying about...

    Tonight, it was ants...I saw some ants, on the bathroom floor, the sink. they had Ninja'd their way in from the slightly open window. Now my ears itch, and I keep picturing ants in my ears. ARGH!!!!!! -Uriel
  2. Uriel

    Do you get a lot of chicks?

    Must expunge thoughts of Melian in edible panties from mind...have to get back to sleep... -Uriel
  3. Uriel

    Do you get a lot of chicks?

    In short, Yes. Sure, I'm a bartender. There is a myth that bartenders get laid like crazy... Although the reality is a bit different. We get flirted with like crazy ( and we flirt back just as much... Like our sisters in Tippage, Strippers). However, the reality is that few women, even ones...
  4. Uriel

    In this thread the FFAs put clothes on MasterShake

    Ha, first off, I didn't mean to single out Ohio or anywhere else In my comment. What I meant was that here, people of my age group (36+) don't look odd, even Professional ones, dressing in goofy t-shirts etc.., Anyways, Master Shake, have you seen the Rochester Big and Tall stores? We...
  5. Uriel

    In this thread the FFAs put clothes on MasterShake

    This is in no way meant as an attack on someone's taste, but rather (Like Hozay mentioned) that we all have different tastes. Regarding the post above about the inappropriateness of t shirts with big logos, etc... It really depends on where you live, and what you do, as far as what is...
  6. Uriel

    Gentlemen, Post An Awesome Pic Of Yourselves

    This one's a few years old, but shows my hair as it usual is... -Uriel
  7. Uriel

    Music - Guilty Pleasures

    I hear that particular mix at least twice every Sat... and (I counted last weekend, to the best of my abilities), 17 Mash-Ups with GaGa in them... -Uriel
  8. Uriel

    Girls That Like Big Guys Post Pics And Any Comments Here

    Adorable. -Uriel
  9. Uriel

    Drinking thread

    I'll make one tonight and get a picture. The drink comes with a story/spiel as I make it...Pretty funny,if the laughter of the patrons is any indicator. -Uriel
  10. Uriel

    Drinking thread

    A little confused as to who/what this is directed at...? -Uriel
  11. Uriel

    Absolutely favorite foods list!

    Um, and this...Man, that was a great 'Naner-split.
  12. Uriel

    what are u doing right this minute?

    Watching some lame show on TV (A Minute to Win it, or something), digesting chili dogs, and being crowded by my cats...who both are fighting for my lap. -Uriel
  13. Uriel

    Post Your Sexiest Pics Nekkid (2)

    Me----Ow. -Uriel
  14. Uriel

    Drinking thread

    A Hello Kitty, and a Margarita, just because...
  15. Uriel

    Gentlemen, Post An Awesome Pic Of Yourselves

    I'm sorry :D Been a rough year. It's easy to just let things slip,,,I used to be an obsessive saltwater aquariumist, but I don't think I've posted in Reef Central in 2 years...Ugh. Well, I shall try and be at least a semi-regular contributor. -Uriel