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    Belly library (men/women)

    I'm getting larger by the day, I can't explain how, it seems that I have the bad bacteria in my stomach and it's making it expand from gas and bloating, I'm actually enjoying it more and more
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    Comment by 'Vickie Lyn Gambill' in media '5a83236b a24d 4b54 8280 a3995998f400'

    How long before your belly started to hang down, I'm wanting to know because I can't wait for mine to start hanging, just the thought of it makes me extremely horny
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    Technoligies to help feedees/feeders

    If I could smoke again I would ,but unfortunately I'm an over the road truck driver
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    Technoligies to help feedees/feeders

    It's called CB1, it's the fastest over the counter weight gain supplement sold
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    The Introduction Thread Part 2

    I'm new here as of tonight, I have a passion for weight gain and trying to make myself look more bovine than human, in the past several weeks I have gained about 25 pounds and I'm still gaining, even though I barely eat anything, I would love to find others who are like myself