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  1. Wagimawr

    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

    let me just take this time to say... told ya so. ;D So beautiful. :)
  2. Wagimawr

    A Bit Bigger ;-)

    An awesome surprise :D good to see you again!
  3. Wagimawr

    Dat .gif!

    Nah, this isn't Fantasy Feeder, you're good on that here. ;D
  4. Wagimawr

    Ladies Post Cute Pics of Yourself (Round 2)

    You're welcome. :happy:
  5. Wagimawr

    Ladies Post Cute Pics of Yourself (Round 2)

    *saves pic before it gets removed* :wubu:
  6. Wagimawr

    I hate my body.. want to gain so badly..

    Start by eating. That's the most important part of gaining for someone your size. Eat, eat more, and learn to love eating more, and focus on that and let your body do what it will. Everyone has to start somewhere. :)
  7. Wagimawr

    Friends with a former love?

    Like most questions relating to relationships, the answer is a helpful "it depends"; not only on how (and how soon!) the relationship ended but also on whether or not you're, say, on the brink of falling for them again if they do just THAT one thing or some such.
  8. Wagimawr

    All time high

    Most excellent; keep up the good work and enjoy that cake! :D
  9. Wagimawr

    I've gotten soo big!

    Excellent! Would love to see if you're feeling up to sharing. :)
  10. Wagimawr


    That's what they said about Hyde Park and now lo-...oh.
  11. Wagimawr

    The inherent FA predicament

    You can be attracted to an extremely supersized figure yet still be mature enough to put that away and join them on their focus in being healthier. Just cause the creepy FAs on the internet can't manage that doesn't mean it's totally impossible. :D
  12. Wagimawr

    The inherent FA predicament

    I think you mean something more like "encouraging their size" here; I can't imagine any FA saying that a woman over a certain size should not be ADMIRED.
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    Shoshie stacks it on

    Not sure who's luckier! Yay Shoshie! :D
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    Dimensions in the news, or not?

    "Smokin Hot Mama Shows Self" ;) sounds like a headline to me. :D
  15. Wagimawr

    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

    hehe, you said tacos. :D