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    Why is it that Cousin Olivers always grow up to be musicians?

    Hey, that word "gimme" just reminded me of the TV show "Gimme a Break" which instantly made me think of another one--Joey Lawrence...the cute kid with a bowl haircut who grew up and tried to be a musician. Granted, he was not a "Cousin Oliver" in the purest sense because he joined the show's...
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    I know it may be a taboo subject on these boards...

    Also be careful not to overtrain any set of muscles--i.e. don't workout a set of muscles that has not had sufficient time to recover since your last workout. Unless you take anabolic steroids (which is obviously a bad idea), this will typically take at least 48 hours, or even longer if you've...
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    Why is it that Cousin Olivers always grow up to be musicians?

    Robbie Rist, Danny Cooksey, Brian Bonsall...each one a legendary Cousin Oliver in his own right, being that cute little kid with the bowl haircut who is pointlessly added to a sitcom's cast as a last ditch effort to rescue a dying show. But why is it that the kid with the bowl haircut always...
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    You just know there's gotta be someone out there crazy enough to take the Arizona-Detroit-Miami-Minnesota-San Francisco-New Orleans-Cleveland-Seattle-Green Bay parlay. And if all those games turn out that way, that person will get a payoff kinda like if they wagered on a 16 seed to go all the...
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    Lionel from the Jeffersons is Dead

    The original Lionel Jefferson died. Bummer to hear that. :(
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    Show Me the Money

    This is the game show William Shatner dreamt up when he was recording his covers of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds and Mr. Tambourine Man.:blink: :blink: :shocked: :shocked: :rolleyes:
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    Doogie Howser is Gay?

    Not that there's anything wrong with that
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    Detroit Tigers to the World Series!

    Why does the new theme song for the New York Mets have so many references to Howard Dean?
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    Rita Cosby is a Hottie

    Rita Cosby is the hottest babe in the history of the universe. She makes me want to eat lots of Jell-O Pudding Pops while I draw picture pages and watch Fat Albert. Her show on MSNBC should be called the Cosby Show, and I'd like to see more interviews with Lisa Bonet and Tempestt Bledsoe.
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