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    Cat Nordling Oake !

    Cat's obituary on the Minneapolis Star Tribune.
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    Cat Nordling Oake !

    RIP, free-spirited one.
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    Rules for The Soap Box

    Here's what I recently posted on FaceBook from an article in Scientific American on how to discuss matters: 1. keep emotions out of the exchange, 2. discuss, don't attack, 3. listen carefully and try to articulate the other position accurately, 4. show respect, 5. acknowledge that you...
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    Running/walking not because it's easy, but because it's hard

    The only marathon-length runs I ever did were in the military service. It's one thing to run in athletic gear, quite another in full military garb, boots, backpack, and automatic rifle. There I learned that one can make it past total exhaustion, but there's a fine line between going beyond what...
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    Running/walking not because it's easy, but because it's hard

    Not all, but many 5Ks are running OR walking. That's what I love about them. They are very inclusive and celebrate just going out there. I see a lot of fat people at the 5Ks I do and think that's terrific. Give it a try!
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    Any Scuba Divers?

    Congratulations on overcoming your fears and getting scuba certified!! I absolutely LOVE scuba, to the extent where I even wrote and published a book about it. What got me into it was my wife Carol who is a scuba instructor with 3,000 dives to her name. She never let her size stand in the way of...
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    Running/walking not because it's easy, but because it's hard

    In his famous speech about going to the moon, John F. Kennedy spoke these immortal words: "We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard." I feel the same way about running. I don't do it because it's easy for me, but...
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    Sons of unloving mothers correlate to bbw attraction?

    Certainly not true for me.
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    What happened to Chat?

    Honestly, I think if that old type of chat ran in a neat, clean contemporary page setting, it could be as popular today as it was then. Truly streaming, real-time, personalized chat in a safe setting without ads and with real-time PMs and private rooms.... I don't think that'd ever be out of...
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    What happened to Chat?

    Yes, in its prime the old Dims chat was SO much fun. I wish at the time I'd been more forceful in insisting with the software author NOT to tie the license to the hardware it ran on. Hardware changes all the time.
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    Why is there no personal ads on this site?

    Good explanation by Yakatori. For a good while, personal ads were very prominent in the printed Dimensions Magazine. I think we reached as many as 400 printed personal ads per issue. For a while, Dimensions also had a very popular 800 and 900-number personals service. When we took everything...
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    RIP Deidrababe

    Absolutely heartbreaking. Deidra was a vivacious, brightly shining burst of never-ending energy, a woman who was always up and positive, no matter what. She was a Dimensions cover back in the print magazine days, and a source of inspiration for so many. Deidra made a difference in this world...
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    Post pics of yourself....LIVING

    Moving on, my dear Dimensions friends and family. See y'all around. And no worries, Dims is in good hands.
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    World Cup 2014

    Yikes. Brazil got really, really shellacked. Didn't think I'd ever see that happen, in their own home court.