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  1. Weeze

    fat women are having more sex

    I love "shocking" ignorant people with my sex life. Yep, i'm really fat. Yep, I totally get laid all I want. And guess what? I get laid by conventionally attractive people too!
  2. Weeze

    '600 Lb Life' to Feature Our Original 'Rock Star'

    First off, you don't know anything about Ashley as a person and you know *nothing* about whether her "good fortune" will last indefinitely... unless you're her medical doctor. Are you? Because if so, please tell me to back off. If not, don't talk about something you only have ONE experience...
  3. Weeze

    Eye Steaks

    Guys, the internet is confusing me. I have thinly sliced eye steaks defrosting, and I don't know what to do with them. Someone give me guidance.
  4. Weeze

    McDonald's Strawberry & Creme Pie

    My mom and I got these the other week and got WAY too excited when we were telling my dad about them at dinner that night. Food nerdsssss.
  5. Weeze

    2012 Singles Thread

    Heyyy I'm single :) Come say hi!
  6. Weeze

    Everyday Food Pics - Part II - keep snapping!! :D

    I rarely comment on foodee board, but i need this in my mouth.
  7. Weeze

    Has Gaining Gone Too Far?

    Guys... Like why is this thread even here anymore? Ashley shut it the fuck down at the top of pg 2. Fat people who are fat shaming is seriously blowing my mind right now. I get what being big/getting bigger does to my body. Trust me, I've read about it in the other 20 threads we have about...
  8. Weeze

    The View from the Back

    It's kinda the side, but i think it's a cute tush anyway.
  9. Weeze

    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

    Horizontal stripes on a fatty. Stickin' it to the man er'ryday.
  10. Weeze

    2012 Singles Thread

    I'm single but I'm pretty Okay with it. Except sometimes, but those pass. I'm not really into lamenting over it.
  11. Weeze

    BBW Confessions thread

    Ding, Ding, Ding. Exactly. If I'm making out/hooking up/whatever, I'm not afraid to say when something's not working. It's a waste of time, otherwise, and usually if you tell him/her (over here, no that hurts, do it like this, etc) they'll take it and run with it and it turns out pretty nice.
  12. Weeze

    Random FOODEE Thoughts and Confessions

    I just burned soup :( So i'm just making toaster waffles with bananas and nutella. That's better anyway.
  13. Weeze

    2011 Singles thread

    Where's the 2012 singles thread? I'm single but I love it :)
  14. Weeze

    Where Are The Women That Fancy BBW/SSBBW?

    How have I never seen this thread before? I have such a hard time finding average/thin women that are into girls my size, and i've been burned a few times after meeting people. It's so frustrating!
  15. Weeze

    Peer Pressure?

    Honestly, it's not my "peers" giving me that kind of pressure, it's actually my family. I've never been serious enough with someone to do the whole "meet the fam" stuff, but my sister is serious enough with her boyfriend that they're talking about getting engaged and such. It's unspoken, but...