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  1. zanza

    Are all fat women beautiful ?

    *shrug* What is 'beauty' anyway? Just an overly subjective view-point that is designed to better aid in the procreation of the next generation of humans beings. Either way I suppose, the way I look at if a woman being larger can enhance the sense of 'beauty' of someone, but if they are a...
  2. zanza

    Face or figure?

    of the 2 options given i would say face comes first, (although in reality i suppose face & persoanlity/interest comes before a body when it comes to what is attractive to me)
  3. zanza

    Paysite models-Shaping your experiences?

    I can't really say they have shaped my views or anything, i suppose i have in the past and now tended to not be really focused on them. (outside of maybe using the images to reference form in learning to render the form of varying ranges of plus sized women) I suppose they do not provided a...
  4. zanza

    The BBW Call-In Show: FAs ask your questions

    hmmmmm........ I have question if that is ok, I hope I don't stir up any problems with this one. I have always wondered with the fact of the community here being an area for social gathering for people with similar lifestyle/experiences. I wonder does the idea that there is a sexual...
  5. zanza

    The (F)FA Call-In Show

    I don't know, to be honest I really don't know. :blink: I guess it is not something that bothers me much either way, since I find myself attracted to bbws, ssbbws, as well as thinner women. To be honest as a long as a woman is attractive and we have enough common interest I am happy no matter...
  6. zanza

    The (F)FA Call-In Show

    not sure, I guess it depends, it seems to give mixed single to me (but then again I think everything does that on the net ^^; ) I guess if it does or doesn't really depends on how the person presents themselves in terms oh what they may say when approached or how they tend to react to...
  7. zanza

    The BBW Call-In Show: FAs ask your questions

    This does seems really interesting as well as insightful, so I suppose I post a quandary for the "plus-size lovelies" of Dim's. I guess consider myself an art dork without a real "muse". I have been finding myself wondering if I should allow my interest and preferences in terms of the female...
  8. zanza

    Doing Away With the Extra F?

    *shrug* i really don't care much, i just thought that is weird that such a 'mainstream' term for FA got snagged up by the gay community, since i guess it sorta has been floating around as a describer of FA's preferences in pop culture for a while, and i guess got grabbed up for exclusivity...
  9. zanza

    Doing Away With the Extra F?

    oh well i never really cared either way about the term used, i just though it would be funny to see if any one would go with me on it to be honest, i suppose i end up just saying 'i perfer larger women' in the end and that is generally how a feel
  10. zanza

    FA/FFA Where Do you Live?

    southeast particularly Mississippi pros: not really sure, no snow, wide open spaces (depending), summers, guess being one of the "fat" states cons: "summers", people still think the south is backwards and "country", (even more towards mississippi), can't seems to find any bbw/fa clubs
  11. zanza

    Doing Away With the Extra F?

    i can see the whole removal of the 'f' out of 'ffa' (although i am not sure if i should be the one to say anything on this, since i am guy) but in reality i guess with constant changes of the dynamics of the community, i can still see it become more or less something that might be a person to...
  12. zanza

    FA's views of FAs :preference, fetish, 'alt.' lifestyle?

    i am sorta shocked by the attention it got i never thought this would become a rather in depth discussion about this i do think that is a sorta broad spectrum of interest and desire that is tied to being a FA or part of said community, i was just wondering how people might describe their own...
  13. zanza

    FA's views of FAs :preference, fetish, 'alt.' lifestyle?

    i guess i have been wondering what other FAs viewpoint on their 'FAism', it seems like there are different terms thrown around here and there to describe it, so i wanted to see what others think is the best term to describe their interest in a larger partner. i guess my own view is that is...
  14. zanza

    BBW and weight gain in the movies

    it is about the contest or at least a film set in the contest, as to what it about outside of the setting of the film i am not sure, and where to find it i am not sure, i think it was floating around on youtube a while back hmmmmm....... what about Disfigured, is it any good or worth watching?
  15. zanza

    How much does size matter to FAs

    hmmmm....... I guess size doesn't matter as much to me in the long run, although I guess am pretty open when it comes to that even though I suppose size might be one of the things that grabs my attention at first. but I having a nice face, and having enough in common to really talk about...