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    1st mainstream centerfold fatty ?

    My late father had a copy of Oui magazine from (late 70s? early 80's?) and it had someone called "Helen Melon" in it who claimed to weigh about 325. Later I found out that she was Ned's wife and, um, well there's no delicate way to put this but a certain artist we know was in the photoshoot as...
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    First plus-size female superhero soars into her own comic book, 'Faith'

    Faith's original stories from the 1990s were anything but size-friendly. In Harbinger #1 she first appeared as a comic book store employee geek who was "pushed" mentally by Peter Stanchek into developing her powers, which didn't manifest right away like with the others. But if you look at the...
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    An excellent answer to 'obesity health concerns'

    This is kind of like putting things in a history book like the parting of the Red Sea, or the Tower of Babel confusion of languages, or the Deluge. Even if you can prove it is true (and I know of no such animal), people are simply not going to believe it, and not want to file it under their list...
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    Patty Sanchez, drops 200+ pounds and gets rid of feeder boyfriend.

    Some guys are making the FA concept look bad by saying this is all we care about BBWs/SSBBWs-- being big and getting bigger. This smear on our character comes from those feeders who do not distance themselves enough from FA mainstream; who do not exercise self-control over their lusts; who put...
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    Thank you Reddit (but where will the haters go now?)

    FPH subreddit members (actually numbering 150k from what I heard) have been claiming they weren't hating actual fat people in making fun, but rather the HAES movement. Now that is a strange thing to say. I don't remember hearing anything like "Take that, HAES!" or anything other than the fat...
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    msn article: Kids of severely obese moms have higher risk of ADHD

    "according to a new study" "1,311 mother-child pairs" "including the mothers’ body mass index" "This study could not analyze the mechanism linking severe obesity and later risk for developmental problems" That's because there IS no mechanism. They made the whole thing up. 2622 people surveyed...
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    Arealfg (Ginagv) Passed 4-4-15

    I am sorry to hear of this. Loss is a terrible, though fortunately temporary thing.
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    How much heavier to be a bbw?

    Traditionally, calling oneself a BBW requires merely that you be female. Bigness, like beauty, is all in the mind's eye-- if you think of yourself as big and beautiful, go for it-- but why be stuck on some label anyway? A Rose by any other name still left Mickey Smith to go journeying in time...
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    Looking for a story

    There's lots of stories like that. It's the old "fattened up for some tribal ritual" WG cliché. It's very prevalent-- there's even a Japanese one. (Not linking to it because of unsuitable themes not allowed in this forum!) Lardibutts has perhaps the best take on this -...
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    Alien Bodies

    This was all I could think of when I saw that title:
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    So Where are the Fat folk Protests ?

    People of size are discriminated against, but they're not being shot dead by police.
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    Stolen pictures???? on this Facebook page.

    Though you instead linked to his friends page, his "friends" also seem to be engorged with ill-gotten BBW art and photos. Nice catch! And really... "Fatto Sluggito Biggo"? That's more preposterous than the name I use in the Book of Face!
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    So who owns Dimensions now?

    I must say this came as a sudden surprise. I don't check photo threads, being one of those curmudgeons who doesn't post them. Sorry I didn't say goodbye to you, Mr. B. As for the transparency/donation/ownership issue, I'm sure more details shall follow. If they don't, the FA/BBW online...
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    Fat shaming in a new Scooby Doo movie

    I read somewhere (SPOILERS) that they actually give her a fat suit, which is weird because, wouldn't she know her newly-acquired heft wasn't real?
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    Fat Community on the Down Low

    As long as size activism is perceived as a fringe element, it will remain on the fringe. (No, FRINGE, with an N.) Most of the aims of size activism can be trotted out by just a few words and slogans, like "You're just jealous of my beauty" or "Real women have curves" or whatever, and the...
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