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    What song is currently stuck in your head?

    For me, it is 'Big Thighs, NJ' by Low Cut Connie -- this great R&R song makes me even prouder of my own bulging, jiggling thighs!
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    Girlfriend gaining weight, any advise?

    This should be easy, compliment her and tell her how beautiful she is. Many of us were a little insecure when we first started gaining. Hearing our Honey say we look pretty is really reassuring as we step out of the 'stay thin or you'll never be loved' brainwashing. Keep communication open and...
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    Weight Board Confessional

    I LOVE your confession, NaughtyStufferLover (& your photo!!!). I crave fattening foods and am crazy-aroused by my newly bulging fat. When I'm indulging my cravings (& as I lie back to rest from over-stuffing) I fantasize about how and where my plump body will transform all that fattening food...
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    What is your weight right now?

    As I've chosen to 'let myself go' (just Love that phrase!) my 5'2" bod had bulged to 197#. For 2 months I was down with a yucky illness(non-weight related) and I wasted away to 172. All better now and for the first time I am actively eating to get FAT so I guess I am a feedee? I am feeling...
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    Comment by 'Getting So PLUMP' in media 'FCFF2EAF-87DF-40F7-B542-000BBC0EDBBC.jpeg'

    You look gorgeous in your red dress Mary! Thank you for sharing your luscious curves.
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    How to get fat

    Indulge in most of your favorite foods, but deny yourself several of your most fattening yummy treats. Whenever you gain another 5 pounds just let yourself go and pig out on all your 'special' delicious and very fattening foods as a reward, until you are fully satisfied! Then repeat, again and a...