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  1. byutane

    A question about fanfiction

    Title kinda says it all - is it acceptable to post fanfic in the writing boards? Apologies if this has already been asked but I couldn't find an answer using the search function so I figured, better safe than sorry :)
  2. byutane


    Kätzchen by byutane Chapter 1 Fate conspired that, on that particular morning, it should be exceptionally rainy in Celle. Lower Saxony overall had been having an unusually drizzly summer, but even so, the weather that day was excessive. Tourists ran for cover, the Aller river swelled, and...
  3. byutane


    One Night by byutane Part 1 "Man, I love Halloween!" Lissa adjusted her hood, making sure her hair was properly swept back underneath it. She'd managed to bump her head against the ceiling on the taxi ride over, thanks to her platform boots. "Lissa, it's great, but what are you supposed to…...
  4. byutane

    BHM Technical Issues (BHM, mutual masturbation)

    Technical Issues by byutane -- BEGIN RECORDING -- “Hey Toni! I hope you're well?” “Eric, hi. I'm good, thanks. How are you?” “I’m fine, doing alright. Which, uh, which scenario are we doing today?” “It’s the third one, but - sorry, Eric, do you think you could turn your webcam on for this?”...
  5. byutane

    BHM The Diet (FFA, BHM, WG, Romance)

    A bookish accountant reconnects with a childhood friend, whose appetite she helps reawaken. (This is my first attempt at writing fiction for this board. I appreciate feedback, and I'm not 100% on all the details of where this story will go so opinions are much appreciated. Thank you for...