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    BBW Groundhog Day - by Marlow

    This is such a wonderful creative story! Cheers, Matt
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    What were the popular girls like at your high school?

    I went to a middle class high school where majority of the students were familiar with each other. I was a traditional comic book geek and all the popular girls treated me just fine. Matter of fact there was one popular girl who was fuller figured.
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    Question for all about weight gain

    I was in 7th or 8th grade when I discovered my fondness and preference for heavier females. In high school there was this English teacher, slim and slender during my freshman year by the time I reached graduation she was a cute round butterball. I'll never forget how she would wear those sheer...
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    Feeling naughty

    Last year I had an all night movie night which began at around 10:30 until just after dawn. I swear I ate almost constantly the entire event.
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    BBW The Slowest Champion -Revisited- (~BBW, ~~WG, humiliation, role reversal, realistic)

    Intelligently written, I especially admire the dialogue and the proficient amount of detail you put into the piece. Looking forward to the next chapter.
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    Double chin?

    I have always found double chins most appealing as they blossom, especially concerning females who never had them in the first place.
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    Haunted house/haunting weight gain stories

    Here's one I co-authored with Fan 2000
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    Has Board Traffic Decreased?

    I have to agree with Lifelongpassion. It seems to me that the people who ask for tolerance are the least tolerant of all. By the way, political correctness has no place in art.
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    Chubby female comic book character

    Now that Captain America and the film version of the Human Torch are African American, and the golden age Green Lantern is gay wouldn't this be an appropriate time to have an already established female comic book character a BBW? I don't know who I would choose, they're are numerous choices...
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    The Doctor

    Looking forward to the next chapter as well!
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    My gainer comic, Michelle's Diary

    Thank you! I really enjoyed your comic!
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    My gainer comic, Michelle's Diary

    Link doesn't work for me. I would love to read it.
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    Before better than After

    Yes, she looks much better before.
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    What you do and dont like to see in stories

    Hello Tad, With all due respect, what I meant is that anyone who has a love for writing is a real author. Doesn't matter if it's a person's profession or a hobby.
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    Weight Gain Post-Injury

    I think you're looking for this story.
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    What you do and dont like to see in stories

    My only major pet peeve concerning net fiction writing is when some writers depict their female characters as being skinny and yet give them ridiculously huge breasts. However, the issue that I would really like to comment on are unfinished stories. In my opinion, in most cases, real...
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    Weight Gain Serum

    I don't know about a weight gain serum but I have a female friend who I once worked with that constantly ate potato chips and cola for lunch and over the course of a summer put on twenty-pounds.