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  1. Skye23

    How fat is too fat to fly coach ?

    I had to do it on my last overseas trip and my last domestic trip. I'm 5'3" and while I've lost a bit of weight lately due to a medical condition I'm still 280+. I usually book a window seat for myself so I can have the shoulder room. I knew in advance both times that I'd be asking for the...
  2. Skye23

    A Weird Situation

    Two thoughts. Are you absolutely sure its her? Not just her name, but her? I've got a pretty common last name, far less common first name but my hubby on the other hand has multiple people wandering around the same area we live in, with the same name, one of whom even has the same middle...
  3. Skye23

    What's on the dinner table tonight?

    I got gifted with about 7 or 8lbs of Brie cheese so I've been working my way through and thinking of different ways to eat it. Tonight for my 2nd meal (aka dinner) I took a wedge of brie, topped it with pitted dates cut in half, wrapped the entire thing in bacon and put it in a nonstick pan...
  4. Skye23

    What's your latest kick?

    Me too! My current recipe is to use toasted rolled oats (TJ's sells them) they have a better texture. About 1/3 - 1/2 cup of them (diabetic, have to watch the carbs), whole milk, a little half and half, a pinch of cinnamon, some splenda, and a dash of vanilla bean paste. I also usually stir some...
  5. Skye23

    Can you pick up women at a Chinese buffet?

    At the risk of being accused of bumping a post I made - I wanted to share a post I made here several years ago that is completely on topic (vs rewriting it). The short answer is - go ahead. Ask if they've tried the dumplings, tell them the roast beef is good, tell them they're lovely or you like...
  6. Skye23

    Plus size panties

    Lane Bryant offers an expanded selection of panties online, they go up to a 34 or 5x there. You can sort the selection by size although its not totally accurate. But they do have 30, 32, and 34 and 4x and 5x available in some options.
  7. Skye23


    I'd get myself to the nearest Renn Faire and look around. Many times you'll find a vendor there who does custom corsets - specifically to your measurements, with you choosing the fabrics etc. I got a custom made, steel boned, Victorian under-bust laced corset made with a different fabric on...
  8. Skye23

    Whatever happened to apple pie?

    Costco makes a pretty good apple pie, its huge and its like $9.99 or something. Whenever we have a pot luck or community dinner I bring one of those as a place-holder for the dessert table and there's rarely very much or any left when the meal is over.
  9. Skye23

    Vehicles for the plus size!

    I'm fond of all 3 of my Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptors - retired police cruisers). I'm about 5'3" and 300lbs (fun sized!) and I fit in them just fine. Front seat, back seat, driving - the seatbelts fit etc. The 2001 model is my car, I can just reach the gas pedal, hubby's got a 2004...
  10. Skye23

    Article about Leonard Nimoy's The Full Body Project

    With the death of Leonard Nimoy articles about his non Star Trek activities have been popping up. I saw this one about his 2007 photography work The Full Body Project that shared some of the lovely pictures from it and was impressed by the overall positive spin it was getting in the article (so...
  11. Skye23

    Describing "Fat" in a way that is decent and preserves the dignity of others

    I'm 5'3 in my Sketchers (which add height). Lane Bryant and I only get along from the waist up. I still mourn the passing of Fashion Bug who had jeans that would fit me. I bought all I could when they folded and actively look for my size on Ebay to get spare gently used or new pairs in the style...
  12. Skye23

    Describing "Fat" in a way that is decent and preserves the dignity of others

    I have a tendency to call myself a fat chick, although I suspect its mostly due to the fact that using that term seems to switch to uncomfortableness in a situation from me to the other party. So if I'm offered a chair I know I'll break, or a booth I've got no chance in hell in fitting in I'll...
  13. Skye23

    Latest Food Discoveries - Share them here!

    Snyders of Hanover has just debuted a new product called Pretzel Spoonz. They look exactly like the flat wooden spoons that come with dixie-cup style ice cream packs. I wish they were just a pinch saltier, but I'm a salt fiend. So far I've tried them with Nutella and Peanut Butter. I...
  14. Skye23

    vending machines to furnish calorie count

    The objections are sort of two-fold. Number 1 is that the majority of vending machines are owned by people who only own a few of them, not some massive number. Its not like say all the vending machines at a huge amusement park or something. Two of my friends in the past have done vm routes and...
  15. Skye23

    Sleeping through new years?

    I tucked in to bed around 3pm for a "nap". I managed to wake hubby up in time to get ready for his night shift, but then crawled back into bed for just a few minutes more. Woke up around 2:30am. Ooops!
  16. Skye23

    International food swap!

    Country - US Requirements - none really. I'll eat almost anything, except maybe dried tiny fish and crabs and similar Asian snacks. Been there, tried them, was not a fan.
  17. Skye23

    The Vacation Dilemma

    There's also a cruise terminal in NYC - which isn't too far from the Philly/Baltimore area. And I'm going to chime in as someone who's been married 17 years to a guy who's a bit of a homebody but has learned how to adjust. If your wife wants to go places and you don't, there may well come a...
  18. Skye23

    DISNEY at 400+ pounds

    There's a really active Disney-centric message board called DISBOARD - on it, there is an ongoing thread specifically for people who are as they call it - Pooh Sized. It has VERY specific information regarding seating, rides, distance, things to do, not do, how to do stuff etc. I always read it...
  19. Skye23

    Zip lines

    Location might matter, places where the population is heavier in general and there is less negative bias towards it might have higher weight limits - Hawaii, New Zealand etc...
  20. Skye23

    Twinkies are coming back

    I'm sure somebody here would be willing to ship you some. Its not like they can't withstand the trip (lol).