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    Nerd Credentials

    For valentines day I am getting my guy 2 gift certificates to pladium - so we can go together!! And he is getting me the World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King so we can go beat up bad guys together lol. I don't know if you can get any more nerdy than playing two cows online and blowing...
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    Would any of you Ladies date fat guys?

    Post-coital? I vote during! Although pie can be might have to lick some off of each other...hehe
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    Would any of you Ladies date fat guys?

    I think it depends if you think of the kids as people or things...Lol
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    Small BHMs?

    I have found that the term BHM is just as judgemental as thin - if you are over 150 you are fat - but here unless you are over 350 you are thin...there is a huge grey area that is perfectly sexy. I discovered that my guy, at 200 lbs is perfect! But then he was at 180 and 190. And he would...
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    FFA's: could You See Yourself Dating a Skinny Man?

    I have dated skinny and chubby and skinny does nothing for me sexually - and if there is no sexual tension they are just friends in the end! My guy was thinner when we started dating BUT he loves eating, so I got to enjoy that. I would love him thin or thick but he groans (half heartedly now)...
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    Favorite places to eat

    I love eating at sushi joints too! My favourite place to eat is usually dependent on what my man wants...if he wants subway, subway it is. Can't decide between the BLT and meatball? You want meatball? I want BLT. Of course I like BLT. Make you eat it? No, I don't know what you are talking...
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    living with your parents or parent

    I already told my mother "If you move in with me when you are old and decrepit then you follow MY rules under MY roof" (throwback from what she used to tell me)....and she laughed and gave me the middle finger, hehe. I actually talked with my mother about this. Her thing was that she wouldn't...
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    Obese vs Fat

    LOL yes that is it exactly!
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    Who's Horny ?

    My boyfriend just told me he busted his pants wide open last night when he tried to kneel down. hot. hot. hot. hot. **fans self** excuse me...i need to...uh...gotta go!....:smitten:
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    losing my fetish?

    I can relate in a slightly different way - Ive dated all across the size spectrum, and the guy who I'm with (and likely to stay with if things keep going!!) was about 185 and now he is about 200....many might say he's not a BHM and before I was with him I wouldn't have thought of him as one, but...
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    Nerd Credentials

    I am a recent nerd. My nerd friends said I was "nerd friendly" or "nerd tolerant" before. Now I play Hackmaster for 4 hours every sunday and play WoW and go to a gaming social every two weeks.... I also write my own fiction (on and off the boards)...a ton of stuff. Tis a blast!
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    living with your parents or parent

    To me, as a child your family is: your mommy, your daddy, and your siblings - other family by extension. There comes a time when you create your OWN family - where you are the centre, not your parents. They are still family, and still important, but they are a part of YOUR family, you are not...
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    Hey guys, do you ever feel expectation to eat more?

    I've realized I do expect my guy to eat more. In fact if he eats less, so do I. So the hungrier I am the more I tend to serve him!
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    What's your Comfort Food?

    Miso soup. I can drink buckets of the stuff, and every time I am blue I need to go out to the local Japanese restaurant and get a bowl. Or two.
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    Marriage Weight Gain

    My guy has gained about 10 lbs since we started dating...just sort of came on naturally, because he was starving himself before. It may also have something to do with the fact I love cooking, he loves eating. I love feeding him (like spoon to mouth, not feederism per say) and he loves being...
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    Who's Horny ?

    Around my guy I am in a state of constant horniness....he said the other day it was mildly terrifying, i was looking at him like he was a piece of cake I wanted to eat...hehe... My sex drive is usually higher than most guys, i find. It can be mildly frustrating
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    Age - How much does it matter to you?

    I am 22 and my boyfriend is 32 - but I am very mature for my age, and he likes to have a giggle so we balance out wonderfully. I don't think I could ever date a guy my age again (at least for now) because we dont meet intellectually or in maturity
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    Came across an old story

    I know many people state how they knew they were FAs when they were younger. I am one of them! It occurred to me the other day - is there any quantitative data, other than my own perceptions of my reactions as a child? So it festered in my mind. I was just rooting through my files looking for...
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    Sweetest BHM moments

    I just had to share this. My guy doesn't want to get any bigger, and I have been very careful to not feed him too much or cook too many fattening foods. However, somewhere along the way he noticed that I love to feed him. Apparently, he says I get this "turned on, expectant look" and my eyes...
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    Strange Lady - by Ichida (~BHM, Romance)

    I finally did! Sorry for the delay - things have been CRAZY around here. More to come.