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  1. o_O

    weaker than a girl

    ...>_> *twitches slightly* Great nice one Jes. Now you've just traumatized me. *Dies from being overtraumatized* x_X
  2. o_O


    Hi greg right welcome to the forums.:) But must give me your soul. @[email protected] mwahahaa. *insert lightning sound here* >_>
  3. o_O

    My own little corner of the web...

    I only had a glance at it one of your stories (chapter 43 I think) and I find it quiet Interesting. I hope you will continue writing stories of similar nature (and continue from the epilogue) as its quite good. Also I think you would be interested in this person’s website...
  4. o_O

    Well I am going on a date...

    Nooooo... every man run for his life! Shes looking for her next victim. er I mean boyfriend. >_> <_<
  5. o_O

    Well I am going on a date...

    Maybe he was nervous in/near large crowds or other people in general?
  6. o_O

    Well I am going on a date...

    Sounds similar like me (well except for the dental problems), as I dont speak at all when am with other people. Unless someone speaks to me first.
  7. o_O

    Worst WG Story EVER and a Question.....

    Hi everyone am new pleaze dont hit the noob. ^_^ Not a bad story, a mix of horror and weight gain. which is much more interesting because its different to most weight-gain storys I have seen. (And yes in case you’re wondering I prefer weight gain-horror stories(espessialy the cannibalism...