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    BHM Gamer Boy (~BHM, Revenge, force feeding, dom)

    This is so cool! Thanks for sharing.
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    Help finding a story please

    Try this one :)
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    Help finding a story please

    I think it's Joining The Club by Matt L.
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    A Question

    You both made clearly valid points and I will entirely drop the story. Thank you.
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    A Question

    Thank you, I appreciate your thoughts.
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    A Question

    Thank you for expressing your opinion, I appreciate.
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    A Question

    I'm thinking about continuing the story Fattening Sarah mainly because it's unfinished and I left off with many loose ends. My question is would a sex scene, not too graphic, be in poor taste since the story is about a real person? Obviously it's a fiction story but still, will I be pushing...
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    Cheerleader Weight Gain

    There's a weight gain version of the film Mean Girls somewhere and I think Matt L. has written a few cheerleader stories.
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    Tiff’s New Friends - by GooberDude (~BBW, Jealousy, Trickery, ~SWG )

    A nice story for a first try, keep on writing!
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    Looking for another story

    That sounds like a story I read years ago about an anthropologist studying a tribe in Africa where all the females are sent to a feeding hut and aren't permitted to leave until they are quite heavy. Anyhow, somewhere down the line, the anthropologist is forced to join the tribe and she is sent...
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    A Downward Trend - by maxymumspyder(~~WG, Realistic)

    I like this story, reminds me of a friend of mine. Please continue, it's very enjoyable.
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    Mila Kunis - Fat Swan

    I enjoy morphs when done realistically and yours are very well done. Please share more of your work.
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    Favorite weightgain stories

    Thank you!
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    Favorite weightgain stories

    where can I find the spoiled brat?
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    What famous woman would you want to fatten?

    Michelle Malkin = 200-pounds, Mary Katherine Ham = 250 - pounds and Megyn Kelly = 250-pounds. and Sarah Palin, 300-pounds
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    Would they be heavier if they weren't celebs?

    A sequel more or less to the thread, what females would you like too see fatten? What celebs do you think would be heavier if they were out of the public eye and real people. Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson are obvious. I think possibly Rachael Ray and Leah Remini.
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    What is your weight right now?

    Last I checked, 190-ish pounds.