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    New VH1 show

    Oh, you can bet it will receive flak for that very reason, but I believe that any controversy will only help the show succeed- I mean, seriously, when did VH1 ever give a hoot about being politically correct? The sad thing is that any good ratings will most likely be due to the "Freak show"...
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    Recent Picture of You Part X !!!!!!!!!!! :D

    Hey, it's better than the alternative.... :D
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    Megan Fox fired for being 'Too Skinny" for Transf.2

    Large, imposing monster or quasi-humanoid mechanical creature shot from an extremely low vantage point to give the illusion of it being all the more grandiose and for the reason of making the audience think, "wao, vary impressive, si liek candee 2 mai ize" while forgetting about any...
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    To the OP: He's much bigger in his later films.
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    Is obesity during pregnancy child abuse?

    I'd say, in short, that the answer to this question is yes. If a woman is expecting a child and doesn't do everything in her physical power to provide a safe haven for the growing fetus inside of her than, I'd classify that as child-abuse. Ditto to drugs and alcohol. Being a few...
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    Howard Stern Needs His Chain Jerked - Hard! Bad Dog!

    to the OP: you posting a thread like this just shows that Howard has already won. This is exactly the type of attention he seeks and thrives on. I'm sure he'd thank you deeply for this.
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    What is your weight right now?

    Exactly.........dimensions claims to be a size-acceptance board, yet the prevailing message seems to be "only big is beautiful." My previous reprimanding post was a test to see if anyone would pick up on see, had it been the other way around and I had told a 600-something lb member...
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    What is your weight right now?

    Uhh....that's seriously hospital material right there. You're pretty much knocking on death's door. Please, try to imitate this smiley: :eat1: I'm 5'6 (1.68 m), 137 lbs and people say I look too thin. For someone to weigh less than me and be two inches short of a foot taller is almost...
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    The return of Janet Jackson and her butt

    I had no clue Michael would call her that.....though to be fair, her bum alone probably weighs more than Michael did altogether. :doh:
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    Name a Song From the Last Letter - Part 5!

    Rock n' Roll McDonalds- Wesley Willis S
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    Recent Picture of You Part X !!!!!!!!!!! :D

    At least I didn't give away the biggest spoiler........ He dies. :p
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    Recent Picture of You Part X !!!!!!!!!!! :D

    You would not believe how disappointed I was by that movie. He didn't even moonwalk once! That's like having a Star Wars film without lightsabers! :blush:
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    Waistlines Expand as Economy Contracts

    Yeah, we all know how unreliable that tabloid known as The Wall Frikkin' Street Journal is..... :doh: