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    Howard Stern Needs His Chain Jerked - Hard! Bad Dog!

    I thought Howard was very harsh. If he'd been paying attention, he would've known that Gabby was well aware of her size and that she had already lost weight ever since filming Precious and is continuing to exercise. She deserves a great career. In my eyes, she's beautiful, and I'm glad she's...
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    The Holiday Feast by Eager Eater

    A poem I made just in time for the holidays. Enjoy, leave comments, and have a fun and safe holiday season. The Holiday Feast Come here, readers, grab some Swiss Miss, I'm here to tell a tale of a big meal around Christmas. Why eating a meal be worth a tale, you ask...
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    Drawings I like to share with everyone Please leave comments; it would be very appreciated.
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    The Girl of My Dreams - by Eager Eater (~BBW, Romance)

    Dear Journal, I have just made a complete fool of myself as I expressed my true feelings for this big, beautiful girl. I felt nervous. Tense. Anxious. Somehow happy. The Incredibly Sexy Girl looked at me with amazement, but then...she smiled. "Wow, no one ever said...
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    The Girl of My Dreams - by Eager Eater (~BBW, Romance)

    ~BBW, Romance - A college crush as described in a journal [Author's Note: A story by me, as I meet a girl who is definitely attractive. This really didn't happen to me (yet), it's a fictional story series, written as a series of journal entries. Here is the first half. Enjoy, and please leave...
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    My Belly In Slow Motion

    Actually, I'm not gaining any more weight. I just like to stuff my belly with food.
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    My Belly In Slow Motion My new videos on YouTube. Enjoy and leave comments.:)
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    Four New Drawings! Enjoy and please leave comments.:)
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    My 100th Deviation on Deviant Art!

    I am happy to announce that I have made 100 deviations (excluding the scraps) on deviantART. It is a request story that I'm sure you'll enjoy. Please leave comments!
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    New Pics for all to Enjoy!

    Thank you, Happy. I think my art is improving. I try to better myself each time I draw, and I will continue regardless of any retarded, insulting, or bad comments [in liudocka's case, insulting and retarded:mad: ] anyone says, and that's a promise.
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    The Graduates - by Kattylee (~BBW, ~BHM, ~SWG)

    Even though you took the title from my story series, I enjoyed the story.
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    New Pics for all to Enjoy!

    Enjoy and please leave comments.:)
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    Happy New Rear! More Lousy sketches!

    Great pics. I like the second one the best.
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    Brand Spanking New Art For All To See! Enjoy, leave comments, and have a Happy New Year!:)
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    Merry Christmas from the New Ponderous Woman!

    Great pics! I love the last one with the Truth Teller.
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    Two New Little Comics Enjoy, and leave comments!:)
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    New Art for All to Enjoy!

    Okay, thanks Ned!:)
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    My Water-Stuffing Vids!

    Last week, I created an account on YouTube, Glutton18, that has over 5,000 views of my vids so far! I am proud to share with you all my water-stuffing series. Enjoy!;)
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    New Art for All to Enjoy!

    Uh, is that a compliment?:confused:
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    I do stills too!

    I REALLY like the still with the girl in the leopard skin bikini:wubu: , you've given her a great body (love those thighs!) and sexy pose. I like all of the stills, but this one is a standout!