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  1. Bron82

    2012 Singles Thread

    Once again I find myself on the Singles Thread. Fortunately, I appear to be in great company! :) As my 30th birthday rapidly approaches I am finding myself torn between blissful contentment in being single (read that "not tied down" - although after reading the "Fifty Shades" trilogy, maybe...
  2. Bron82

    Middle and high school...

    Sorry for being tardy to the party, but I just happened across the original post... WOW... The premise for your comic is basically my life in high school. The only difference for me is that instead of having a skinny alter-ego, I just lived vicariously through my favorite books and...
  3. Bron82

    TV show Actor TV show Actor

  4. Bron82


    Marty Feldman
  5. Bron82


    Patrick Wilson
  6. Bron82


    Phantom of the Opera (2004)
  7. Bron82

    Dating: how was your most recent date?

    5 years ago... I think...:confused: We took a trip to Tunica to do a little gambling. It was our 5th date. He was very sweet and had even given me $100 to gamble on as soon as we got there. We had fun most of the day, hopping from casino to casino and spending some time at each of them...
  8. Bron82

    The Wrestling Thread

    Coming from Nashville, TN, I have been a lifelong pro-wrestling fan. Nashville has been a wrestling town for decades, which is probably the only reason that I prefer TNA over some of the other promotions around. Sadly the independent wrestling scene here went to Hell in a hand basket thanks to a...
  9. Bron82

    Things the opposite gender should know

    Ditto!! Women, some of us anyway, feel EXACTLY THE SAME WAY!! Only guys don't typically say something like "I'm not ready for a relationship right now." I find that they typically say things like "Oh! I don't like you that way. I didn't mean to lead you on." REALLY, Casanova? :confused...
  10. Bron82


    Remember Me
  11. Bron82


    Tom Wilkinson
  12. Bron82

    Top 3 famous BHM you would sleep with?

    1. Nick Frost 2. John Pinette 3. Kevin James Top 3 Honorable Mentions :p HM1. James Gandolfini HM2. Jonah Hill HM3. Mark Addy
  13. Bron82


    Kiera Knightly
  14. Bron82

    Songs that would win your heart...

    "Dontchange" by Musiq Soulchild "The Day Before You" by Rascal Flatts "A Kiss To Build A Dream On" by Louis Armstrong "Last Man Committed" by Eric Heatherly "Have A Little Faith In Me" by John Hiatt "Just The Way You Are" by Billy Joel "When You Come Back Down" by Nickel Creek "Pretty...
  15. Bron82


    Death At A Funeral
  16. Bron82

    Truths-Answer a question/Ask a question.

    A. Wacko Q. Where would you rather spend a day: at the lake or at the beach?
  17. Bron82


    Jennifer Lopez
  18. Bron82


    One of my all-time favorite "coincidences": Have you ever noticed that Evian spelled backwards is Naive? Evian = over-priced bottled water...
  19. Bron82


    Michael Vartan :wubu::wubu::wubu::smitten::smitten::smitten:
  20. Bron82


    Drew Barrymore