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  1. CameoRose

    Are you a vegan or a carnivore?

    I've gone from vegetarian to vegan then back to vegetarian. Currently I'm mostly vegan. If I have any dairy it's only 1x a month or so and I never eat eggs. I feel better spiritually if I stick to vegan :)
  2. CameoRose

    Now I'm Craving...(the craving continuation thread)

    Megan, the fudge recipe on marshmallow fluff is delish and super easy :) PS marshmallow fluff is vegetarian
  3. CameoRose


    Hopefully she takes the news better than I did! Haha
  4. CameoRose


    Yeah I am so careful with those things! Never purchase ramen, gravy mixes, soup mxes, etc unless I read the label. Actually like you I don't usually buy mixes for those things. I even know that nutella isn't safe but I guess I just never thought about checking cornbread mix.
  5. CameoRose


    So today I was chatting with my assistant at work who is also a vegetarian and she told me Jiffy cornbread mix isn't vegetarian!!!! :mad: apparently it has animal lard in it. I've been vegetarian for many many years and I never thought to read the ingredient list on cornbread mix! I'm so...
  6. CameoRose

    Halloween 2012!!

    Honey Boo Boo maybe? I've never seen the show but watched YouTube clips.
  7. CameoRose

    Anyone else have a problem with size limits on hospital equipment

    I too needed an MRI of my knee and as soon as the tech saw me he said "you won't fit in the machine" and handed me my paperwork back. I had so many mixed emotions! I wanted to cry I wanted to slap him and I just stood there not knowing what to do.
  8. CameoRose

    Review your cruelty-free, natural/organic beauty products!

    May I suggest Pangea Organics products! They are AMAZING :bow:
  9. CameoRose

    Breakthrough Vegan Cheese! It melts and stretches.

    I'm so excited about this! Thank you for posting. Can't wait to try it. I too am pretty much always Vegan and the lack of good vegan cheese has been one of the hardest parts.
  10. CameoRose

    What book are you reading right now?

    I personally really LOVED having the e-reader :) Now I have the iPad so I've been reading my books on it. Which I love even more. I'm someone who really enjoys a book, going to the bookstore, the smell, etc so I was thinking it might be hard to get used to reading my books on a screen but...
  11. CameoRose

    What book are you reading right now?

    I LOVED Eat, Pray, Love! :) I have also read Committed. I enjoyed it as well!!
  12. CameoRose

    The Best Pizza I've Ever Had Was..........

    OMG I miss PieWorks! I loved that place when I lived in Louisiana! I remember on Monday Nights they would have all you can eat pizza. They would put like 6 pies on the menu and you could order whatever you wanted. :eat2: By far the best pizza I have ever had as well and I live in NYC now!
  13. CameoRose

    Flirting with the idea of *VEGAN*

    I'm enjoying the Vegan Dad's Blog! :) Thank you, Megan. The Vegan Lunchbox Blog is great too! If I ever have kids I'm so going to make their school lunches from all the great ideas on her blog.
  14. CameoRose

    Flirting with the idea of *VEGAN*

    Megan, I'm going to check out the links you posted! :) Have you ever read this blog?
  15. CameoRose

    Pajama Jeans

    Interesting....not sure what I think. Thoughts? They have them in plus size too! http://
  16. CameoRose

    Flirting with the idea of *VEGAN*

    I have been been a Vegetarian for many years and do my best to eat Vegan as much as possible. Like others were saying, it can be difficult when dining out but not impossible. Salad and a baked potato with salsa (no butter) usually always works. Coke Zero and Coffee are of course Vegan but...
  17. CameoRose


    I used to LOVE LB jeans but recently I've been buying my jeans at Target. They have a few different types to choose from "no gap waist" "tummy control" etc They have a dark wash and they are lite weight. I really like them. They run about $30. Just a thought to check them out next time you...
  18. CameoRose

    Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, etc. What do you LOVE there?

    Trader Joe's - LOVE the meatless meatballs so delish! Whole Food's - Vegan donut holes. love with them! :eat2: Too many things to name so I went with 1 fav from each :)
  19. CameoRose

    Help me pick out new glasses...

    Thanks! :) That made my night to read that! :blush:
  20. CameoRose

    Help me pick out new glasses...

    I used to always rock contacts...only taking them out once a month to change them. I know how bad that is. I actually got two corneal ulcers in my eye a few weeks ago because of my bad behavior. Therefore the doctor said I MUST get glasses and switch back and forth. I really don't like...