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  1. Kaz

    Recent Picture of You......Part IX ;)

    Cute as anything!
  2. Kaz

    Has There Ever Been a FA/BBW Couple Pic Thread?

    This is my and my blokie Ian :D I look terrible and he's wearing his so called Lucky shirt lol Bless him!
  3. Kaz

    Is 750 lbs. an acceptable weight for an SSBBW?

    Ok being what about 370lbs i can't say ive ever been fucked up against a wall LOL Didnt think it was possible unless your a tad skinnier! :D
  4. Kaz

    Big Girls Paradise Article...

    Haha that's coz he knows what ur like :p Hiiiiiiii im Donni go visit my website lol
  5. Kaz

    Big Girls Paradise Article...

    You was not there last month my love LOL But wooooo all us 5 are in it, With our halos dunno why we wore them we dont deserve them haha
  6. Kaz

    what are you happy about today? Part 1

    Ive been in a very good mood for the past 4 weeks! Could be bacause i found a certain guy who im very happy with and im in my final stages of accepting me for who i am and i can actually say i love the way i look and im not caring what anyone else things and oooo it's such a big thing for me :)
  7. Kaz

    People in the UK/with Channel 4...

    I watched it, Love them kinda things. Was watching discovery health or whatever its called on sky and it was the family fat doctors n summit else ended up watching it all till about 3am
  8. Kaz

    The 2007 Singles Thread

    STILL single :( Im destined to be single forever i think!
  9. Kaz

    Internet personals

    We have a uk based one calld i also used bigcupid and large friends, But it seems on my profile well the way it appears anyways that i want liars cheaters and just pure scum :( So i have give up. Pretty much x
  10. Kaz

    Recent Picture of You - Part IV :D

    Awww Thanks to everyone for the comments :) Your all a Gorgeous bunch!! Canadian..... Your fit :p Sorry I shall behave.... At some point today
  11. Kaz

    What Are You Listening to Thread- Revisited ;)

    Dry Kill Logic - Goodnight. Gotta love this song!
  12. Kaz

    Calling all Youngsters!

    If that's you on the myspace page.... Wow your cute!!
  13. Kaz

    Mr. Lee CatCam!

    Ha that's brill! Would love to do that to my lil doggie but he just sleeps and don't go nowhere do would be boring really!
  14. Kaz

    Recent Picture of You - Part IV :D

    It's good i can keep my cuteness to a high level! :)
  15. Kaz

    Recent Picture of You - Part IV :D

    Right so these are the photos of the day :) Me tryin to entise my doggie :) Woo success helllllllllooooooooooo doggie! Ah let me take the cam i'll have a pose Ok Hi Giz (he just had a op on his right eye so yes they are buttons bless him!) Yeah this is me spreading...
  16. Kaz

    Hello All...New to the Board...

    Hello *wavies* welcome to your new home
  17. Kaz

    This is ABSOLUTELY Disgusting.

    Yeah can imagine him getting all these bbw piccies now, Saying please do what you did to her but less ill thanks. Don't think i would look right skinny anyways
  18. Kaz

    This is ABSOLUTELY Disgusting.

    Esp. with this one comment :- Are you sure this isnt in reverse?: Why the hell would a fat chick pose in something like that?
  19. Kaz

    This is ABSOLUTELY Disgusting.

    They made her look a bit anorexic and ill.
  20. Kaz

    What accent do you have?

    Northeast and im from the UK lol