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  1. BellyluvinDude

    The uh biggest part of your body

    My Belly!
  2. BellyluvinDude

    Mutual Gaining Relationships

    Aurora, I totally agree with you, but I can understand why people are conflicted with gaining weight. Our society's, standards of the status quo and or pressures from family or friends that judge fat people can be discouraging. It's think it's awesome you have the confidence and don't worry...
  3. BellyluvinDude

    Mutual Gaining Relationships

    I appreciate you sharing that with. I think if both consent & have the weight gaining desires it would be awesome! It sounds like you enjoyed that pleasure too, thanks!
  4. BellyluvinDude

    Mutual Gaining Relationships

    Hi all, I was curious who here ever pursued a mutual gaining relationship & share the experience? I have always fantasized about having a relationship of this kind with someone that share the same desires. But has never seemed to happen as of yet? I figured this would be best forum to get...