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    Boyfriend troubles

    It was me just to stop any confusion with any of the other guys. END.
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    Going into the Real World! Eek!

    I moved away from home about four years ago but unfortunately I live in the most expensive city in the UK so transfering the money aspect is difficult as gas, electric, water etc. are sky high. Cookware... just buy the cheap stuff it gets the job done, or shop lift it but it tends to be a bit...
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    Your plans for New Years Eve?

    Last year I spent it in the Hebrides with friends which was amazing this year it appears I will be getting drunk watching TV with the parents... come down!
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    Top 3 Sexiest Fat Babes - Who and Why?

    Oh this thread was before me time! okies keeping it to web models as I couldnt possibly name three from all the lovely gals here. Kellie Kay (one of the cutest faces and figures) Sable (The sexiest tummy and face!) Kelligirl (Keeping it old skool where it all started for me alongside Brooke)
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    Now your babies are getting too fat....

    Its good to see future FA's are safe! ha!
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    Hi.. Is anyone into photography?

    Im a keen photographer focusing on industrial imagery then juxtaposing it with nature, unfortunatley my camera has been broke for months and all my pics went bye byes with my old computer... poo I love that shot by Cosmic Wombat though!
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    Way to piss me off.. Wii ad

    **** me does anyone hear a zieg heil, man this pisses me off, you got a yob culture problem? invest more in fucking schooling and child benefit and take your moralistic hands of the fucking entertainments industry I like Violent video games death metal and movies like Battle Royale I am also A...
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    Daily activism -- part 3 -- McDonald's part two

    Its a shame that on another level McDonalds is responsible for widespread deforestation in the amazon for cattle grazing and employ Chinese children for 42 cents an hour to make kids happy meal toys. No Offence its just there are few corporations I hate quite as much as those cynical golden arches.
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    A Little Bit of Wanting to Smack Someone around Thread

    He sounds like the kind of guy who takes pleasure in shouting at people from a speeding car... my personal dream is that people like that wrap their car around a tree!
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    BBW Old School?

    Still it qualifies as a preamble to conversation maybe he is even aware of the double meaning...?
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    Way to piss me off.. Wii ad

    Psh wait till those holographic disks come through technology is moving so fast now as to render itself obsolite within days of release. Whilst the graphics may be better on the PS3, or XBOX 360 The variety of games is going to diminish vastly because of the increased cost and subsequent...
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    Your personal highlights from 2006

    Ha this year has been almost so mediocre that even the worst things didnt define it! I guess getting an job (that I like) rather than being a student bum and helping squat a building destined for luxury flats and turning it into a free arts gallery was pretty good!
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    What Did Santa Bring You?

    A rare band t shirt (Dystopia) The Warriors video game to go with the Warriors DVD (one of my all time fave films) Couple of CD's (Throwdown, Cubic Space Division) the Isis DVD Some coffee chocolates and a stand for my crash cymbal thats been sitting on the floor for about two years!
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    I'd love to hear about your tattoos...

    If it werent for the whole moving thing I would be saving for this three quart sleeve bio mechanical design influenced by geiger which is an Pharoa hound that links into a metalic ankh and some assorted mechanical imagery then fades into a detailed night sky with a space where I would have some...
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    buying a bed...

    Oh god I want a double bed so much its a bit like the one I spent a night in at a travel Inn a few months back when I had my room upgraded it was like sleeping in the ocean! Shame I was on my own!
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    Way to piss me off.. Wii ad

    That is quite possibly the worst concieved advert of all time I am going of to parody!!! also I own a 360, WII just looks uber gimmicky with about as much lastability as those quack shot games on the mega drive with the light gun! It'll just collect dust waiting for parties that the poeple who...
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    What was your best X-mas gift?

    A Dystopia t shirt from my mom which she had to order from the US.
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    *clearing throat* Gentlemen.......

    Ha dude you look like my history lecturer at college, not that its a bad thing!
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    The Clock Strikes Midnight

    I think Santa just crashed into the side of my house, there is reindeer corpses and jollity all over the place
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    'Tis the Season!

    Someone I forgot... Rebecca for being the first to PM me and sorting out my email problem for chat!