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  1. Jay West Coast

    My wife is finally willing to gain

    Oh snap .
  2. Jay West Coast

    Obesity vs. fuel economy

    Thanks, Conrad. This is exactly right. I don't think its appropriate to blame poor fuel efficiency on people's bodies. People are also taller than they used to be, so should we blame construction waste on the fact that railings need to be taller in new buildings? Let's design our technology...
  3. Jay West Coast

    Stressed men drawn to heavy women

    I like this one too. I also think that it might be a bit more primeval: in moments of crisis, natural selection would favor those who mate with partners who are more crisis-resilient--such as those who are particularly strong or fat or confident.
  4. Jay West Coast

    ...So I married a BBW!

    Thanks! Can't wait!
  5. Jay West Coast

    ...So I married a BBW!

    I'm excited to marry a BBW next month. She is, for the sake of the discussion, "already a BBW." I think we'd both count it as having our wedding cake and eating it too. ;)
  6. Jay West Coast

    The historic Dimensions Weight Room

    Totally! That was my foray into Dimensions (and onto the web, for that matter) back in 1997 or so. far we've come...
  7. Jay West Coast

    Where are all the big girls in the boardroom?

    Discrimination totally exists. A buddy of mine and I were talking about how the topic of discussion in his class the other day was regarding obesity, so he curiously looked around the room to see how the fat people were reacting to all this. Yet, here at Harvard Business School, in a classroom...
  8. Jay West Coast

    747 weight limit

    Good point. I'm sure it depends on the nature of the bond connection between the two craft. That being said, the lift is likewise being generated by the velocity of each of the two craft, likely produced solely by the 747's engines (to conserve the shuttle's fuel). The lift in the shuttle's...
  9. Jay West Coast

    Gainers, Posy your before and after pics here.

    Posy, before and after, as requested.
  10. Jay West Coast

    Fat Sexuality on

    These were awesome. Well written; focused while offering a fairly succinct survey of the general landscape. Thanks for doing this, J!
  11. Jay West Coast

    Reveal the Previous Poster's Deepest, Darkest, Secret

    DevenDoom is a prolific badger historian.
  12. Jay West Coast


    I feel so....defined....
  13. Jay West Coast

    26yo, 5'4", 252lbs... pole dancer!

    Does it creep anyone else out that all her images are copyrighted by Facebook?
  14. Jay West Coast

    The FA/FFA Predicament Poll

    The health presumption is a little flawed. I would be loathe to "encourage" someone to lose weight, but I would be supportive if it were necessary/happened involuntarily. A woman's body is her prerogative. But this poll is a flawed, I think. Vaguely assuming that weight loss is the path away...
  15. Jay West Coast

    Asperger's Syndrome and FA-dom

    I would guess that I'm fairly opposite to this thesis. I don't carry much in the way of Asperger's traits; instead I'm quite people-focused, work hard to be direct, lack attention rather than obsess, and truly am an expert in nothing. That being said, perhaps its easier to find FA's with...
  16. Jay West Coast

    What first got you into bigger women?

    This question is a little funny to me too. It's sort of akin to asking, "what did you eat that made you male?" I think for a lot of us this is more nature than nurture.
  17. Jay West Coast

    How did/does being an FA go over with your parents?

    Ever said anything size-insensitive? Probably. But these days he's fairly respectful about that sort of thing--at least while I'm present.
  18. Jay West Coast

    How did/does being an FA go over with your parents?

    I don't think either of my parents entirely "get it" but I've had frank discussions with them both. I think they both realise they can't change that part about me, and in general I think they've been [otherwise] excited by the kind of women I've brought home. I think they also appreciate that...
  19. Jay West Coast

    Cooking with Coconut Oil

    I've cooked a bunch with coconut oil. There are some things that its not as awesome to cook with, but in general its great. It treats vegetables well, and has a very quiet delicious flavor. It's more expensive and more healthy, but I'd still recommend it.