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  1. SMA413

    Happy birthday, Goofy Girl!!

    I know how much you love photoshopped images, so I channeled our favorite pasttime just for your birthday. ;) Hope you have a phenomenal day!
  2. SMA413

    Happy birthday, BothGunsBlazing!!!

    Hope you have a PHENOMENAL birthday!! :D
  3. SMA413

    Madagascar 2 Moto Moto song...

    So I went to the movies with my nephew this weekend and almost laughed out loud when this song came on... Just thought I'd share it with y'all.
  4. SMA413

    Happy Hanukkah!!

    Happy Hanukkah to all the Jews on Dims!! I hope everyone eats plenty of latkes and sufganiyot!!
  5. SMA413

    The music of your life...

    If you could pick a soundtrack for your life, what songs would you include?
  6. SMA413

    Denim Dilemma...

    I'm sure this problem has been brought up before, but I'm having major problemas trying to find cute jeans that fit me right. I like my jeans to be tight around my thighs and boot cut. I used to wear Lane Bryant, but I dunno what they did but they must changed the proportions or something. So...