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    Chris Christie had weight loss surgery in secret

    One of the highest profile really big guys in US politics - New Jersey Governor Chris Christie - now admitted to secretly having lap-band surgery in February: Comments? Opinions? Questions?
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    Cute SSBHM on 'Britain's got Talent'

    I hate casting shows! They're exploitative, often degrading, voyeuristic, ... whatever Nevertheless, the current season of 'Britain's got Talent' came up with this very cute, fabulously talented singing young SSBHM that even made Simon Cowell forget his fat phobia for a second...
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    Why is the BHM/FFA board currently so repetitive and boring?

    Okay - I'm out of thrilling new ideas myself right now - but still: 16 of the threads on the first page of the board are 1 year and older .... and despite some lovely classics (like new pictures of Chris&Mary), many of them seem quite worn out. Their story is told, informational value over...