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    The Corpulent Cavewoman

    The Corpulent Cavewoman by thedoctor66 There once was a time, many eons ago, when human beings were far from being the dominant species of the planet. In this long gone era, mankind was merely one of several species of mammals struggling to stay alive in this harsh and unforgiving world...
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    Growing Attractions

    Growing Attractions by thedoctor66 Janelle Simmons was bored. For her entire adult life, her one and only ambition had been to find a wealthy man and marry him. She went to Eastern Illinois University and got a degree in accounting for the sole purpose of inserting herself in the business...
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    Sister's Revenge

    Sister's Revenge by thedoctor66 Madison and Mary Anne were about as close as two sisters could be. The 23 year old twins had done everything together their entire lives. They always hung out together in high school, they went to the same college, and now they shared an apartment together as...