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  1. deanbpm


    Anyone here use Etsy? It is basically a site where people can sell stuff they have made. I am getting pretty addicted to it.
  2. deanbpm


    Well I went out at 2pm yesterday and didn't get back in till 6am or something and now I have the worst hangover I have ever had. My mouth feels furry and someone has rudely put a Newtons cradle in my brain. Has anyone got any good hangover cures? Other than not drinking in the first place?
  3. deanbpm

    A bird in a bird in a bird in a bird in a bird in a pig
  4. deanbpm

    People from the UK?

    How many of you are fellow Brits? Whereabouts are you from? Have any of you from across the pond ever ventured over?
  5. deanbpm

    Thought I would say hi.....

    I found this forum lurking around the internet so thought I would join and give it a whirl. I have already posted an 'about me' type thingamajig in the sticky introduction thread thing so check it out if you wish and i shall see you around. Toodle pip!