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    Phantom Gains - by Marlow ~BBW, ~MWG, paranormal, intrigue

    He does mention that she's doing graphic design. So she was given the big assignment at first that presumably the ghost did for her, and, impressed, her boss assigned a stackload of other assignments with the promise of a permanent position if done well.
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    Phantom Gains - by Marlow ~BBW, ~MWG, paranormal, intrigue

    Not to mention that he could also just be musing in an intrigued sort of way :(
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    Phantom Gains - by Marlow ~BBW, ~MWG, paranormal, intrigue

    And the plot thickens! (hopefully our new lady protagonist does too!) As a commentary on your writing, I appreciate your pacing. It's not too slow where we end up lingering on one event for a while, but not too quick that we can't stop and appreciate what is actually going on. You move with a...
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    Phantom Gains - by Marlow ~BBW, ~MWG, paranormal, intrigue

    Bravo, you continue to capture our intrigue and imagination! Looking forward to the next installments :)
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    Phantom Gains - by Marlow ~BBW, ~MWG, paranormal, intrigue

    As an aside, you deftly teased me there in the final seven lines. I do prey that alongside your general awesome storytelling there will be scrumptious details of our heroine's expansion :)
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    Phantom Gains - by Marlow ~BBW, ~MWG, paranormal, intrigue

    You've got me hanging in suspense, teasing me with imagery. Can't wait for the next bit!
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    Phantom Gains - by Marlow ~BBW, ~MWG, paranormal, intrigue

    Please, please PLEASE continue this. You are an excellent writer and you have our intrigue. I am also a huge fan of the genre and there aren't too many quality pieces out there like this!
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    The Sting

    Now I've been around these here forums for quite a long time now, and I have to say this is one of the better pieces put to pen that I have read. Great job! p.s. - I hope you intend to finish this one and not leave it like so many other stories/series that seem to hit sudden brick walls!
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    Looking for a story (that has been deleted)

    There was a story written by Carnestrange on DeviantART called "The Curse", and it involved a girl who was cursed to be filled and fattened every time she heard any food-related words. One of the more memorable scenes in the series involved a hot-dog scene where she became obscenely stuffed...
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    The Presence (~BBW, Magic, ~WG, Suspense, Imagery)

    A young university student fails to recall her recent past as an ominous presence takes hold of her within the confines of her apartment, willing her to grow. Author's Note: Been a very long time since I have written anything, but here is a piece I did up in the span of about two hours. It...
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    Darker Stories

    Alongside JP's collection on DeviantArt, InvizKing has several stories of the kind, and they're all very good reads I must say.
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    The Enchantress's Chair - by Phrozen (~BBW, ~~WG, ~Magic)

    ~BBW, ~~WG, Magic - A folktale allows the curiosity of a student to get the better of her. The Enchantress's Chair By Phrozen [Author's note:] Been a long time since I've written anything. Here's the first part of a story in progress. Let me know what you think and I'll post more...
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    To Deryk Shane

    Mm. Too true.
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    To Deryk Shane

    I saw this one too, as I semi-frequently take a look over at FF. I was considering posting a thread about this and/or PMing Derek, but both of these actions seem to have already been taken. I have to agree that I don't like it all either. Whoever did it probably didn't even get proper...
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    Belly Butter

    Karbonpotasssium, I bow in unworthiness... THANK YOU.
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    Belly Butter

    I tried searching the Wayback Machine a little already.. I've gotten no luck so far. I think we need to expand this search, make it into a massive manhunt by everyone. Use our influence on other boards, other forums to try and get everyone searching for it. SOMEONE out of the millions should...
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    Belly Butter

    The irony in this is that I was one of said people who had saved it on a very old hard-drive that has since been lost in translation and most likely garbaged... Now, of course, I'm kicking myself up the ass because that was a story that I very much liked.
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    Belly Butter

    I remember this one!! In fact, I myself have been on a mad hunt for it for some time now. Yea, one girl ends up rubbing the butter onto the other and the butter is supposed to be some special formula that absorbs into the skin and fattens her up immediately. At one point the one girl...
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    "Why I love women's bodies"

    I can compare my tastes in women to my tastes in music. There are girls on the thinner side that I think are stunning and beautiful, and there are the bigger girls that I think the same way about. For me, it's not really a matter of size, because women of any shape, weight and size can look...
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    Found something disturbing

    Actually, I must agree with Vader. Aren't there an abundance of "high-school girl" characters in many of the stories around here? High school guys too, seeing as a lot of the time there happens to be something about a jock the girl falls in love with or some odd tale of revenge. Do these...