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    Looking for a story (that has been deleted)

    There was a story written by Carnestrange on DeviantART called "The Curse", and it involved a girl who was cursed to be filled and fattened every time she heard any food-related words. One of the more memorable scenes in the series involved a hot-dog scene where she became obscenely stuffed...
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    The Presence (~BBW, Magic, ~WG, Suspense, Imagery)

    A young university student fails to recall her recent past as an ominous presence takes hold of her within the confines of her apartment, willing her to grow. Author's Note: Been a very long time since I have written anything, but here is a piece I did up in the span of about two hours. It...
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    The Enchantress's Chair - by Phrozen (~BBW, ~~WG, ~Magic)

    ~BBW, ~~WG, Magic - A folktale allows the curiosity of a student to get the better of her. The Enchantress's Chair By Phrozen [Author's note:] Been a long time since I've written anything. Here's the first part of a story in progress. Let me know what you think and I'll post more...
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    Jen Gains - Anonymous (~BBW, Eating, ~~WG)

    ~BBW, Eating, WG - Lovebirds Jen and Dom decide to pay a vist to Dom’s family on the lake where Jen receives a very warm and hearty welcome. Jen Gains by Anonymous (This story has been edited, reformatted and migrated from the Weight Room Anonymous Alcove archive) Jen had been dating...
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    The Classic old tales

    So, I'm seeing a lot of old stories from various archival locations being posted in the Recent Additions. Am I to assume that if we can think of a good ol' classic we think could use a little limelight after an age of collecting dust that we can by all means go ahead and post it? (while giving...
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    The Life Designer [P.1-4] by Phrozen (~BBW, Magic, Self-realization, ~MWG )

    ~BBW, Magic, Self-realization, ~MWG - What if magical day-dreams really were capable of coming true? One young lady finds out. Author's Note:This is my first attempt at posting a story. Critique is more than welcome, but please be easy. And, I apologize, but this is yet again another...
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    Looking for a story.

    Hi everyone. I've been surfing through dimensions for a little over a year now, but I just registered recently to ask if anyone knows what has happened to or where the story "A Size Too Small" is now? It was in the recent additions forum at the beginning of the month but it has suddenly...