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  1. JonesT

    What are your plans for today?

    This may be a repeat thread and I truly apologize if it is. I just wanted to start a thread to keep in touch with everyone and to see how everyone has been doing. So with that being said, what do you guys have planned for today? I hope to finally wash my '11 GT.
  2. JonesT

    If You Could Live Anywhere in the World..

    Where would it be? I would have to say Los Angeles, California. To some people that were born and raised in the country state of Arkansas (Like me) Los Angeles is a thrill :D Sorry if this is a thread repeat! :doh:
  3. JonesT

    Superbowl XLV Wishes

    This is for all NFL fans. I know that this is very early but are there any teams that you would like to see in Superbowl XLV next year? -San Diego Chargers- :D
  4. JonesT

    If anybody has yahoo messenger

    If anybody has yahoo messenger and wouldn't mind chatting with me, add me, my ID is: Take care :)