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  1. tinytoddy

    Sitting on chairs

    I know many of you may find this weird, but I love looking at girls sitting on chairs like this. It is more of a comparison of how much smaller my butt is than theirs. My butt easilly fits in a chair like this where most, even prtite women totally cover, or hang off the edge. I have more pics if...
  2. tinytoddy

    Shiny Spandex!!

    Hey its Tiny Toddy ( I know you all missed me). Shiny spandex on a woman with bigger legs is a beautiful thing!!!
  3. tinytoddy

    Hooter Shorts!!

    Here I am in my extra small Hooter shorts. (big deal right?)
  4. tinytoddy


    I don't know if this topic was ever discussed, but I was wondering what some of the women on this boards measurements were. I see pictures of thighs that look like they are larger than 30 inches. Just curious as to what your thigh, hip, and calf measurements were.