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  1. CuriousKitten

    How do you deal with opposition?

    Okay so last year my boyfriend now husband convinced me to gain with him. A year and circa 35lbs later, it has been a lot of fun but now it seems that everyone in my life is against me. My parents have flat out berated me for my weight gain as if gaining any weight meant I was weak and a loser...
  2. CuriousKitten

    New and Exciting Opportunity for BHMs

    Dear Dimension Members, I am writing to tell you about a fantastic new opportunity for BHMs. The BFC is sponsoring an offshoot site called The kick off date for this site is currently scheduled for July 30th 2008. This website will be a BHM model...
  3. CuriousKitten

    What size BHM or FFA are you looking for?

    Okay so I am going out on a limb and starting a thread.. anyhow.. I think this thread is interesting because it is more detailed than the single, attached or looking post and it will help people find matches or people with similar preferences to theirs. So the question is: what size BHM or...
  4. CuriousKitten

    Land of the Beautiful People?

    As she timidly posts.... be nice I'm new... Here is an article I wrote for a local newspaper. I'm still waiting on approval but I wanted to share it with you all. Iceland: Land of the Beautiful People? When you hear the word “Iceland” most people think of glaciers, geysers, lava...
  5. CuriousKitten


    Has anyone else noticed that no one is ever in the BHM/FFA chat room? Any reason? I'm new to Dimensions so feel free to fill me in on how everything works. Thanks!