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  1. craigisnutter

    Need some really!

    Hi guys, I don't really know where to start with all this. So if it's a bit all over the place, i can only apologise. Let me set the backstory first. I'm 24, live in Romford, Essex, or for those that don't know, the outskirts of London. I've always been a suvere Asthmatic and to control...
  2. craigisnutter

    Suits for SSBHM??

    Ello guys, ok, I want...ney, i NEED a suit. I've never had 1 really and it's about damn time i did. Now i've looked and searched every search engine, all over the little e big Bay and have failed every time. Now i'm about a 72"-74" Waist, so it needs to be a big old bastard of a suit...
  3. craigisnutter

    Taking a Risk...

    Well.....after Sqike77's thread, i thought i'd take a deep breathe and get some belly pics. Sadly, bit awkward for me to take them myself, but i did find some old pics from last year, when i used to do a gay wrestling gimmik and we did a show at an 18+ Club in Central London. Before anyone...
  4. craigisnutter

    British BHMs and FFAs??

    Ello guys, Just wondered if there were any British BHMs and FFAs on these boards. Also on a side note Where do you British BHM's meet FFA's, or even, where do you FFA's hide, cos i can't find any of ya!! lol