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    Got a CVS delivery the other day

    We got: masks, hand sanitizer, and.......a pregnancy test. YES, I AM PREGNANT! :D
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    What kind of HS extracurricular activities did you do?

    When you were in high school, were you active in school clubs or sports? I wasn't athletic, BUT I was VERY active in clubs! Stuff I did: Model UN Amnesty International UNICEF Best Buddies GSA ASL Club Spanish Club
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    Happy Easter to all those celebrating!

    Hope everyone is enjoying Easter, despite the circumstances. What's for dinner? Roger and I both LOVE lamb, so we have a nice lamb cooking right now.
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    Favorite ways to get "Fun Exercise"

    When Roger and I have sex, we usually do missionary (with me on top) or reverse cowgirl. Anyone else care to share? Of course, due to the quarantine, we're getting LOTS of practice.
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    Saw that anew radio station will be coming online soon

    I was looking at the Instagram feed of the actress Crystle Lightning. She's starting a radio station dedicated to indigenous music (she's 1st Nation). I'm BIG into World Music, so I'm DEFINITELY going to check it out.
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    YouTube video I JUST saw!

    I literally JUST saw a video from a BBW on the STUPID shit people have said to her! :(
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    Where did my fellow American members go to college/grad school? What about your SO?

    I went to Wisconsin-Madison for undergraduate, have Masters from Washington-Seattle Roger went to Wake Forest for his BA, got his Doctorate at Indiana-Bloomington
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    Ladies, what are your measurements? (If you care to share)

    My measurements are: 44 (DDD)/38/60 Yup, Roger is a white Sir Mix-a-Lot. :)
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    Working from home during Coronavirus

    For me, here's the Big pro/con: Pros: Set own schedule mostly More time with Roger Can wear "casual Friday" clothes Cons: Actually have to get stuff done. ;) Even in "casual Friday" clothes, STILL need to wear a bra! Because otherwise, that would be a disaster
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    Explain your screen name

    My name is Barbara and I strongly believe in Social Justice
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    "Fun Exercise"

    Anyone else doing "fun exercise" because you can't go to the gym to workout?
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    Do other ladies here have problems with cleavage? I find because I'm so busty (44DDD) that it's difficult to NOT have cleavage.
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    TTC & Pregnancy as a BBW

    I checked, and the thread on this topic is REALLY old, so I'll start anew. Roger and I eventually want kids, and I'm curious about other mom's experiences. I'm not TOO heavy, and my periods are regular and not overly heavy. Did you have problems conceiving? How about finding a doctor? We...
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    Any couples here who are both SS?

    Any couples here where both of you are over 300 lbs? 400 lbs?
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    Anyone else effected by this? I was just reading my email, and the campus will shutdown after Spring Break (i.e. No more f2f classes after students return from SB, staff work remotely)
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    Your SO's initial reaction to your body

    How did your SO react to your body (and/or you to their's if you're a FA) the first time you were intimate? I thought Roger was a big beautiful bear of a man, no complaints. :). I wasn't sure he'd be impressed by my body, I kept saying,"you won't like what you're about to see." He kept...
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    Your go to sleepwear

    What do you normally wear to bed? Does your size effect it? I sleep in 2-piece flannel pajamas. My size doesn't particularly effect it, just more comfortable than a nightgown. Roger sleeps in his boxers.
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    Rules for NSFW topics

    Can we talk about things that would be considered NSFW?
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    Wouldn't it be great if "The Bachelor" did a BBW/FA season?

    That would be a fun season! 20 BBW looking for their FA Mr. Right or a female FA looking for her BHM in shining armor.
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    Anyone see a BBW or BHM at the polls today?

    If you're in a Super Tuesday state, have you voted yet? Did you have a BBW/BHM encounter? We voted on our way to work, not many were there, all skinny.