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  1. ssbwjedisweetheart

    Help with my boyfriends soy allergy

    Hi guys , My boyfriend has a soy allergy which can be a problem since he is a feedee and is gaining.I was wondering if any of you have a soy allergy and know of any websites they could give a list of soy free brands for food. Thank you
  2. ssbwjedisweetheart

    Look for a story also.

    Hey guys am looking for a story about two guys. One is the feeder and the other the feedee. The feedee is a ssbhm and can barely walk. He is kept down in the basement and his feeder calls him pig/piggy.( cant remember which one) one day the feeder leaves the basement door unlocked/open and the...
  3. ssbwjedisweetheart

    Question about Weight gain powder

    Hey Guys, I have a question. My BF had bought weight gain powder on Saturday and has been taking it twice a day (morning and night) along with eat and just being lazy. This morning he weighed himself and the scale said he had gained a pound a day. Now I know there is something about taking a...
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    Hey Guys, I was surfing the National Geographic website this morning,for the new season of Taboo and on looking at the new episodes. I found this :)
  5. ssbwjedisweetheart

    My Ex wants me back

    Hey guys, I have a problem and i just want to get your input on it. Back in March i broke up with my boyfriend,because he wanted me to gain more and i told him no and because i felt like i was the only one trying to make our relationship work. Well i got an IM from him today and he tells me he...
  6. ssbwjedisweetheart

    The Rides at Universal Studios in Hollywood

    Hi Everybody, I was wondering if the rides at Universal are fat friendly, its my first time going there and I dont want to get on any rides that I might have a problem with; am 385ish and 5'7. I was also wondering what are the rides. Would love to anything form you guys. Thanks :bow:
  7. ssbwjedisweetheart

    BHM in Ventura County

    Is there any single BHM in Ventura County? and why can't I find them:(