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  1. Seda

    Fat bottom girls

    So I apologise if this topic has been done to death, or even just done before. Does this song offend you? Do use of the word fat upset you? Is the song even a positive one?
  2. Seda

    Do you enjoy kissing?

    How many people out there enjoy kissing, say more that intercourse? I'm not really into it that much, can take it or leave it. Curious that's all. Feel free to elaborate.
  3. Seda

    Extra wide shoes?

    Can anyone recommend somewhere to get very wide shoes? That are actually wide down to the toes? Am I making any sense? Thank you :)
  4. Seda

    Starting a new exercise class *eeeek*

    So, I want to start a bellydancing class but I am so nervous (thanks for that anxiety disorder) and I'm wondering if anyone else has/does one? What kind of fitness level do I need?