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    Foreverchanging gone?

    I still have my stories on my computer and some of Greinskyn's. I'm kicking myself now for neglecting to do a full backup of the site. I haven't been able to contact the other admins, so I'm as in the dark as everyone else as to what happened.
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    Looking for a new read thats my style

    I don't think the OP is asking for just any story. He's asking for one where the main character is unhappy with her gain. By rough guess, most of the stories on this site don't fit that description, so I can understand his request.
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    Darker Stories Please be advised that many of the stories on the site have nothing to do with weightgain and are very dark. But there are some darker wg stories there that you might enjoy. Pay attention to the story labels.
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    A Strange Turn of Events - by lordsofsevenhall (~BBW, ~~WG, Eating)

    I'm still trying to figure out how I missed this when it was first posted. Your descriptions are superb and I love the relatively slow pace at which Katy's gain is progressing. A truly fantastic story.
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    Bodybuilder - by SkinnyToChubby (~BBW, ~~WG, Lesbian)

    This is one of the best stories on this entire site.
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    Major League Weight Gain - by Angel Knight (~BBW, Realistic, ~~WG)

    This is fantastic so far. I sure hope you do with it what I'm hoping you do with it.
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    FYI: WG stories at

    I wanted to let people know that there are a number of wg-themed stories at the site Foreverchanging. Be forewarned, as many of the stories explore some of the darker and less PC areas of the genre. (There are also stories there that are not at all related to weight gain.) But for those...
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    Status of Foreverchanging story board

    Recently, the message board, Foreverchanging (, was shut down. In an effort to keep the community together, the other admins and I are posting messages like this one at the sites that we believe were the source of our membership. Right now the long-term...
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    What does it feel like to gain 50lbs?

    Hi Genie, You said you still like to exercise. Does that feel any different compared to before you gained the weight?
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    Sailing Towards Curves - by Beerbellyfan (~BBW, Eating, Sexual allusion, ~SWG)

    Really enjoyed it. Have you written any others? brucejedi
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    After Swim Team by booty-oogler (BBW, Dining, SWG)

    I agree. This is a great story, and I'd love to see more of it. The visual descriptions are priceless. brucejedi
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    Jenna 3: Mr. Blue Sky- by the Id (~BBW, Eating, Romance, ~SWG )

    Hi Id, This is my favorite of all your stories so far. Slow, realistic gain is something that is often missing in stories on this board. I hope someday that you do get around to continuing it! brucejedi
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    physical experience of gaining

    Thanks to everyone that has replied so far. Anyone else interested in sharing? Hehe, given the discussion of "fat talk" below, it thought it might be fun to engage in some online...
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    Ivy - by Forgotten_Futures (~BBW, Eating, ~SWG)

    I like this a lot. Keep up the good work.
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    physical experience of gaining

    A while ago I hit on this thread, and it got me thinking... I would be interested in hearing what it felt like, physically, to gain weight--even if you only went from being thin to average-sized. Did it affect how your body felt, how you moved, etc? Obviously, you need not indulge me if you find...