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    FYI: WG stories at

    I wanted to let people know that there are a number of wg-themed stories at the site Foreverchanging. Be forewarned, as many of the stories explore some of the darker and less PC areas of the genre. (There are also stories there that are not at all related to weight gain.) But for those...
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    Status of Foreverchanging story board

    Recently, the message board, Foreverchanging (, was shut down. In an effort to keep the community together, the other admins and I are posting messages like this one at the sites that we believe were the source of our membership. Right now the long-term...
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    physical experience of gaining

    A while ago I hit on this thread, and it got me thinking... I would be interested in hearing what it felt like, physically, to gain weight--even if you only went from being thin to average-sized. Did it affect how your body felt, how you moved, etc? Obviously, you need not indulge me if you find...