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  1. Skye23

    Article about Leonard Nimoy's The Full Body Project

    With the death of Leonard Nimoy articles about his non Star Trek activities have been popping up. I saw this one about his 2007 photography work The Full Body Project that shared some of the lovely pictures from it and was impressed by the overall positive spin it was getting in the article (so...
  2. Skye23


    I've put off posting this for two weeks now, I'd plan to and then I'd tell myself I didn't know which sub-board it really belonged to. Or I wasn't sure what to Title it as, or I didn't have time or or get the drift. 2 weeks ago hubby picked me up from my that week's round of...
  3. Skye23

    Interesting Article on Women and Eating

    I wasn't quite sure if I should put this on the main board, BBW board on here. I decided on here since I thought it would get the best reception from its intended audience. The Huffington Post just had an interesting article on the subject of women and eating, particularly in public. The...