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  1. Punkin1024

    Color analysis...need help!

    I may have started a thread on this years ago. I've been reviewing my color choices lately and have come to the conclusion that I still am confused about what season (Winter, Summer, Spring, Autumn) and which intensity I should be in when buying clothes and makeup. I've asked hubby several times...
  2. Punkin1024

    Recommendations for treating tummy woes?

    Hello all! I've been working on finding foods I can tolerate that does not cause uncomfortable tummy bloat/pain. Hubby and I are recovering from some weird tummy bug :( and so I thought I'd post some of my findings and hope I'll be able to get others to share. I've been slowly eliminating...
  3. Punkin1024

    Happy Birthday, Swamptoad!

    Happiest of Birthdays, Swampie! I hope you are staying warm and have lots of birthday cake and fun today!
  4. Punkin1024

    Happy New Year!

    It's Midnight in Texas, Ya'll! Happy New Year!
  5. Punkin1024

    Dimmers Hermine aftermath rollcall!

    I'll start - we're okay in the Abilene, Texas area. Got about 3 inches of rain in my neck of the woods. No flooding. I'm worried about everyone in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metro, San Antonio area and Houston. How is everyone - okay?
  6. Punkin1024

    Prayers, Positive Thoughts Needed for Theatermuse

    Hello everyone, Our sweet Theatermuse (Kara) has asked me to let all of her Dims friends know that she is battling breast cancer. I don't know complete details (you can ask her if you are on Facebook via personal message). She is asking for prayers, healing thoughts, whatever support you can...
  7. Punkin1024

    How's the weather?

    Okay, so I know many people are having some extreme weather happening at home. I just wanted to see if others might want to post pictures of what's happening out their way...just in case anyone was interested. We had freezing fog here in Texas (near Abilene) this morning. This was not...
  8. Punkin1024

    Happy Birthday, Violet_Beauregard!

    Happy Birthday dear Christine! Have a happy, happy day. I hope everything is perfect on your special day! :bow: :happy: :bow:
  9. Punkin1024

    Happy Birthday SoVerySoft!

    Happy, happy birthday SVS! Have a wonderful day and I know you'll have a wonderful cake! You share a birthday with my hubby! As I've said before, October babies rock!!! :bow: :happy:
  10. Punkin1024

    Help - I need a more supportive bra!

    I searched for all threads about bras, but couldn't find anything specific to my problem. I have heavy breasts and I really need to find a good supportive bra. I've worn Glamorise bras for years, but they just don't "lift" like they should. I don't like underwires and I prefer a bra that looks...
  11. Punkin1024

    Happy Birthday KnottyOne!

    Happy birthday young 'un! Hope you take some time off from all the studying to enjoy some cake and the company of good friends!:) ~Punkin
  12. Punkin1024

    Happy Birthday Carol W.!

    Happy, happy birthday dear Carol! Hope you have a wonderful day! ~Punkin
  13. Punkin1024

    Happy Birthday Renaissance Woman!

    Happy Birthday Renaissance Woman! I hope you have a glorious day! ~Punkin
  14. Punkin1024

    Happy July 4th USA!

    Happy Independence Day!
  15. Punkin1024

    Happy Birthday, Sandie Zitkus!

    Happy, happy birthday, Sandie! Hope you have a super fantastic day! ~Punkin
  16. Punkin1024

    Happy Birthday, Snuggletiger!

    Happy, happy Birthday, Snuggletiger! Hope you have a great day. Spend some time with friends and eat lots and lots of cake! ~Punkin
  17. Punkin1024

    Happy Birthday IMFree

    Hey there fella, saw you're name in the birthday people's spot. Hope you have a wonderful day! ~Punkin
  18. Punkin1024

    Noni juice anyone?

    Hubby bought a bottle of Noni juice and wants me to give it a try. His boss has been taking the juice for two months and claims it has made a vast difference in his health. Hubby drank it before he had apherisis last time and it may have affected his platelet count. Has anyone else tried Noni...
  19. Punkin1024

    News on Sandie's recovery

    Hi All, I just got off the phone with Wayne. Sandie is doing good. All her vitals are good. There is some concern about her lungs and this was to be expected because she has sleep apnea. She will be kept overnight at Baylor. She is on a respiratory apparatus and a pulminary specialist has been...
  20. Punkin1024

    Hersey's Cherry Cordial Kisses!

    Has anyone else tried them! I love 'em! Picked up two bags of them last night at Wal-Mart. I've always loved Chocolate Covered Cherries and couldn't imagine a holiday without them. These kisses are wonderful - but sadly, they are a limited edition. ~Punkin