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  1. Jamie2056

    Breaking Chairs!

    I've broken quite a few camping chairs lol
  2. Jamie2056

    Do you like being fat? And if so why or why not?

    How well do you think I would do. BTW another of my favorite parts of having a big belly. Instant table
  3. Jamie2056

    Do you like being fat? And if so why or why not?

    Oh I absolutely love being fat as well. Like that sounds like fun
  4. Jamie2056

    Do you like being fat? And if so why or why not?

    Belly bucking competition? Where are these wonderful events? And why am I only just now finding out they exist? I suck at being fat
  5. Jamie2056

    So What Was Your Biggest Splurge Day?

    My biggest splurge was 13 McDonald's cheeseburgers.
  6. Jamie2056

    share ur fantasies

    Honestly, if that recent valentines story that got posted happened to me I'd be a pretty happy camper.
  7. Jamie2056

    What Are You Listening To? Redux

    Just picked up Blue Oyster Cult "fire of unknown origin and its been playing in my car. Veteran of the psychic wars has got to be one of my all time favorite songs
  8. Jamie2056

    The Introduction Thread Part 2

    Hello there! I'm Jamie, I wasn't always a big man but I've really packed it on the last few years and loved every bit. Dedicated foodie, I love everything to do with food. Looking at it, smelling it, the taste of it, I love the act of eating putting the food in my mouth, chewing and swallowing...
  9. Jamie2056

    Funny Pictures, Cartoons, and Memes Thread

    I thought this was neat and group friendly
  10. Jamie2056

    Question for my fellow stuffers

    So, the other night I binge ate and naturally my belly swelled but two days later it hasn't gone back down yet. Like, I don't feel stuffed anymore but my belly still looks that way. Has anyone else experienced this? Like, I really don't mind, I like the way it looks now.
  11. Jamie2056

    Got fat shamed by my dad. (And random vent)

    I want to reiterate "never ever apologize for your feelings " what your dad said was creepy as hell! As a parent to an adult daughter that was just wrong. I seriously hope things improve for you and you're able to get out of that toxic living situation.
  12. Jamie2056

    FA/FFA Who was Your First Plus-Sized Crush?

    My very first plus sized crush was my very first crush. Karen Dunn, I absolutely loved her, still do to a degree. Sadly, I was an immature little douchebag and wasn't very nice to her. She was also the first person I ever kissed.
  13. Jamie2056

    Just Fatties Who Make Me Happy

    Lizzo! I am truly blessed to be alive at the same time as this amazing, brilliant and talented performer.
  14. Jamie2056

    Stuffing vs Grazing

    I am a big fan (he he pun) of both stuffing and grazing. I just love food, the act of eating, feeling full and over full and of course seeing and feeling the results after. My body is my food trophy.
  15. Jamie2056

    BHM/FFAs Introduce yourself here

    Hi there! I'm Jamie from Oregon. Enjoy some pics.
  16. Jamie2056

    Hello from Oregon

  17. Jamie2056

    Hello from Oregon

    Hello there. General Kenobi lol hi, I'm in Hillsboro Oregon, and I'm very happy to be here.
  18. Jamie2056

    Your Current Size vs Goal Size

    Very nice tummy