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  1. kittymahlberg

    What are you nerds reading these days?

    Yeah, it's definitely a picaresque novel in the old style. You have to enjoy that sort of thing. But you're talking to the gal who zipped through War and Peace and loved every minute! I guess for me, books like that are almost a cross between a novel and a short story collection, and...
  2. kittymahlberg

    What are you nerds reading these days?

    Talk nerdy to me! I'm currently reading Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson. Though my only copy of a Harry Potter book is the first volume . . . in Latin. :D
  3. kittymahlberg

    BHM/FFAs into BDSM?

    Another outwardly reserved, in-control, Type A submissive here! As an attorney and the "responsible one" in every circle, I'm forever helping out other people with their crap. I love the lack of control, coupled with safety, that loving d/s play allows. My dominant husband and I dated for...
  4. kittymahlberg

    Big Guys With Beards

    I'm weird (I mean, you already knew that, but....) On thin guys, I'm almost ambivalent. I consider myself "equal opportunity" when it comes to size; I like big guys to be really big, but can also be attracted to thin or buff. If thin or buff, then I'm good as long as it fits the face and is...
  5. kittymahlberg

    Ideal size for a BHM?

    This! From the time I was young to the present day, I've always found myself thinking, "Yeah, so-and-so is pretty average size, really," only to hear that person or a third party talk about how they are SOOOO fat. When it's the other person, sometimes you can chalk it up to people hating on...
  6. kittymahlberg

    What are you happy about today?

    Maple syrup is delicious, but now I want "camp pancakes" the way my husband makes them--topped with butter and brown sugar, with a little coffee poured over. :eat2: Apparently he learned this camping in Canada.
  7. kittymahlberg

    BHM Dolls (Not What it Sounds Like)

    loopytheone: It does, and if it existed, I would instantly check it out, and be disappointed it was not truly relevant to my interests! tankyguy: Yes, absolutely! A lot of these dolls are now being created using 3D printers. One of my favorite ball-jointed projects is a 3D-printed dragon...
  8. kittymahlberg

    BHM Dolls (Not What it Sounds Like)

    So I'm going to come out . . . as the crazy doll lady. Sort of. I only have a couple collector's dolls of my own, but have lately gotten into painting, costume design, and general customizing of dolls, mainly what are known as Asian ball jointed dolls or BJDs. (Those with pediophobia or fear...
  9. kittymahlberg

    Japanese Anime with BHM and FFA

    "He was taken away by a voluptuous, perverted woman!" Best description of a busty FFA ever.
  10. kittymahlberg

    Japanese Anime with BHM and FFA

    Yay, Ep. 9! I swear I am both of these girls--"triggered" by the word "normal" and still dressing up in cosplay at age 30. . . . :p
  11. kittymahlberg

    Japanese Anime with BHM and FFA

    OMG, I think I'm in love. The voiceovers stating the obvious, that live-action recipe bit.... It's almost painfully goofy, but the premise makes me happy. The bit with the pillow actually kind of strikes a chord... I don't watch anime as a rule, but I've seen enough here and there to...
  12. kittymahlberg

    Can't keep trying. I give up.

    Yeah, not a fan of most anime series. I can see why some people like it, but most of it's too random for my taste. I have watched the first episodes of Fullmetal Alchemist with my husband, and so far it's actually cool. Geared towards teenagers, obviously, but still enjoyable, with some...
  13. kittymahlberg

    What are you happy about today?

    It's Fat Tuesday, y'all! Christmas is still my favorite holiday, but Fat Tuesday wins the best name award. :wubu: Even when I was a kid, I was like, "Woah, is that really what it's called? BEST. NAME. EVER." Also it involves copious amounts of sweets, which were offered and consumed at my...
  14. kittymahlberg

    What are you unhappy about today?

    I'm sad because I've just realized it's Black History Month, so 98% of the Tumblr tag "BHM" just doesn't excite me the way it used to. . . . (Though I admit, I've learned some cool historical facts so far.)
  15. kittymahlberg

    Need Sexy Fat Men Stories

    I'm so conflicted. I've got something I want to, but probably can't share. I'm working on one of my hoity-toity literary stories, which I plan to submit for magazine publication. It involves an FFA and a BHM. However, it's not erotica, and any romance is sidelined to the standard epiphany...
  16. kittymahlberg

    Fictional BHMs

    Stop the presses! Formerly the BBC Sherlock was among the many versions of the stories that only depicted a skinny-fied Mycroft. And then we got the Victorian episode. . . . Me in the theater: Oh, cool! They're going to the real Diogenes Club where you have to be completely silent...
  17. kittymahlberg

    Enjoying being fat (not about food or sex)?

    The problem for most people is that they're accidentally set to "M" for "Mini," when they should be set to "W" for "Wumbo": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=--hsVknT1c0
  18. kittymahlberg

    What are you happy about today?

    Hee, hee! :p Speaking of, there was an extra large gent at the sushi restaurant. Not that I was creeping! Just appreciating. :happy:
  19. kittymahlberg

    What are you happy about today?

    Sounds like my day! Well, minus the alcohol. I was so glum, hubby took me to lunch for sushi and we got an extra fancy roll that involved THREE KINDS OF CHEESE. PLUS DEEP-FRIED. As my husband put it, this particular roll was obviously the result of an American looking at sushi and...
  20. kittymahlberg

    What are you unhappy about today?

    One word: vaginismus. Primary vaginismus to be exact, which has made me incapable of having, ahem, sexy times, my entire life. Granted, it wasn't an issue for the first 18 years. But it's pretty rough to be turning 30 in a month, and still feel so abnormal in such a personal area. With my...