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    Progress so far

    The left is from a couple of years ago but I’ve maintained 170 lbs for a while. The right photo is from when I started my gain this March. I’m probably close to 190 lbs. I’m going to stop weighing myself unless I feel physical changes.
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    Progress so far

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    What is your weight right now?

    190lbs. This is the most that I have weighed. I went to scratch my belly and noticed that I was doing at an angle and scratching my under belly. First time experience.
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    Your SO's initial reaction to your body

    My SO gives me mixed messages or at least I can’t get a direct response. My question to her is how much weight would she like for me to gain. Recently she said that my gain suits me and I asked her if I should gain more and she said yes. I just want to say that I’m a newbie when it come to the...
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    Busted through plateau

    I think that finally broke a plateau. It may not sound much for some but this was a plateau that I was on for a long time. It felt like I was mentally stuck there. I was floating around the mud 170’s and now I’m at the mid 180’s and it feels like it just happens in the last couple of weeks...
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    I’m so nervous!

    Hey Phatbaloon welcome to the forum!
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    Do you like being fat? And if so why or why not?

    I’m here because , I do want to be more accepting of my weight. I have become more an introvert with my weight and i hate to go shopping for clothes and this was something i enjoyed before. Having said this, I admire people are comfortable with their weight. I hate that people engage in fat...
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    what is the most weight you have put on in a year?

    I was on the lower end of the spectrum for my range and was scared to go lower and made a concentrated effort to flip that and managed to get to the upper spectrum of that range. So 38 lbs in a year and have plateaued there for quite some time. A strategy to help with that plateau from what I...
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    At what point were you comfortable

    Thanks for sharing your experience. You made changes that suit you. It’s not one size fits all. I want to change my relationship with food and self image - not be so conscientious with asthetics - be healthy and happier. Since you were skinny like me, may I ask you if there is anything in...
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    At what point were you comfortable

    That’s a good question. On the context of aesthetic preference - i don’t want to feel rail thin anymore. I like feeling like I have substance like I’m bigger all around. For me it would represent letting go of something that was a lot of maintenance constantly thinking about weight or feeling...
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    At what point were you comfortable

    This question is for the members that had started off skinny and had incremental goals - you can still have incremental goals if you reach your goals - and had the inclination for getting fat but were still worried about getting fat. Was there a point where that anxiety subsided and you felt...
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    Your Current Size vs Goal Size

    I’m 5’10 and an endomorph. Around 2015 I was 126lbs at my lowest and I didn’t feel comfortable with my weight and was worried about putting on fat. It sounds like a contradiction. Also I was going through a divorce at the time and that was contributing to the low body weight as well. Today...
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    Hypothetical: How fat would you get if it was only for 24 hours?

    I’d say 220 because I’m slim at 176 currently and that would be the start of feeling really overweight for me. I’d try it on for 24 hours and see if it suits me and decide from there with which way to go with it. I’d like to have it distributed all over my body.
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    What is your weight right now?

    176 lbs
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    Do you like being fat? And if so why or why not?

    Years ago I was well fed and didn’t realize that I was getting overweight and it dawned on me the day I couldn’t suck in my gut in the shower anymore. My gf enjoyed and I didn’t mind it. I was always skinny up to that point and I wasn’t very muscular. It was all in my belly pretty much and it...
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    Feedism - Personally into overeating, being fat or getting fatter? Count yourself in!

    I secretly admired watching my partner grow from skinny to fat. She steadily put on weight in the last four years and she wants to lose it. I’ve listened to her and also didn’t believe that she would lose it because isn’t changing her eating habits. She has a large appetite, she’s works out...
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    The daily exercise report thread!!

    I follow Athlean-X zero program for the last three weeks. I have shoulder arthritis and I’m still healing from a rotator cuff injury from a year ago and with the gyms being on and off I decided to switch to body weight exercises to help my joints.
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    Trying to put on weight

    All good advice. You reminded me of her asking me what I ate today and I wasn’t consistent.That’s a good point to play the long game. Thanks for sharing your experience. You have a good point I can stop and burn it off fairly quickly. My highest was 176 years ago. Usually I’m in between...
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    The Introduction Thread Part 2

    Welcome back @willowmoon!
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    The Introduction Thread Part 2

    Thanks @BigElectricKat!