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  1. FAinPA

    Favorite Scents?

    Patchouli-rose is a go-to. Kiehls has a nice spray of it. But my favorite scents in the world are usually industrial. Gasoline and fresh tarmac especially. I love getting stuck in a traffic jam when the opposite lane is being repaved
  2. FAinPA

    Looking SE PA SSBBW seeking kind male companion for friendship

    I used to live near Reading and am your age, now I'm in SW PA. Have a few things in common, and I enjoy getting fatter myself and being with a partner who's gaining, too. Maybe we could chat sometime.
  3. FAinPA

    Any baseball fans here?

    I'm a Pirates season ticket holder. PNC Park is a gem of a ballpark but the team is a perennial non-contender to put it lightly. But I get to 50+ games a year and sell or give away the others. I enjoy it greatly.
  4. FAinPA

    What song is currently stuck in your head?

    Nobody Does It Better -Carly Simon
  5. FAinPA

    Belly library (men/women)

    So I added some holiday pounds and kinda haven't stopped, and I now feature some budding side rolls. Whoopsie 🙃🍔🍟🥤
  6. FAinPA

    Where is everyone from

    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
  7. FAinPA

    What song is currently stuck in your head?

    "Container" by Fiona Apple; better known as the song during the opening credits of The Affair from Showtime, which I am re-watching in a binge this week.
  8. FAinPA

    Becoming Obese for the First Time

    I had an odd experience for the first time I was clinically declared obese, and thus having obesity. I was at the internist for an annual, been his patient 3-4 yrs. It was early 2006 I think, maybe late 2005. I remember the day being wintry and cold. My ex and I, we met in a bbw/fa chatroom, on...
  9. FAinPA

    Where do you gain weight most?

    Definitely belly is number one. Two, I take a medication with a very specific side effect of breast enlargement in a small % of (just the) males who take it. So the man cans are getting bigger. Third and lastly, I've got these upper inner thigh rolls that are like inverted saddle bags. Not too...
  10. FAinPA

    Your skinniest and fattest pics - Part 2!

    Thinnest I could find, guessing summer 2011 about 55 lbs less. And today, where the feet are barely visible under the belly.
  11. FAinPA

    This~or~That THREAD

    City Charcoal or Gas?
  12. FAinPA

    Couple Things

    This all but sums up my list of relationship traits that make them successful. I would only add Empathy, Humor and Harmony.
  13. FAinPA

    Belly library (men/women)

    I call this, good morning belly.
  14. FAinPA

    What song is currently stuck in your head?

    Dancing Queen by ABBA. Complete mystery how it got there. All weekend I was humming the main part of the score from Last of the Mohicans, which was great.
  15. FAinPA

    Too Fat to Masturbate???

    I'm at 306 lbs and I have a very hard time getting erections, both with a partner (even if she's a striking bbw that likes fat guys to boot.) Several reasons: I was never endowed if you catch the drift. I don't exercise much other than walking around my city as I don't need a car where I'm...
  16. FAinPA

    Post an Old Music Video from "Back in the Day"

    First video that came on when my sister and I turned on MTV when we got cable I think in 1984 even though this is a 1983 release.
  17. FAinPA

    Looking Pittsburgh/Male/47

    BHM seeks BBW in an age range say 5/6 yrs older or younger that me. Please be in the immediate area. Companionship is the key hope (when it's safe again); good conversation on lots of topics we have as common interests, proper dates and the like. We'll stay in touch frequently. I think preparing...
  18. FAinPA

    Post pics of yourself....LIVING

    Not being able to go to ballgames in 2020 was such a void. I hope fans can safely attend come April.
  19. FAinPA

    In a perfect utopia, how big would you be?

    I would like being big enough that a significant other can't connect their hands behind me when hugging or slow dancing, like they can only get a few inches around the back of my hips.
  20. FAinPA

    Fat talk in bed

    I always like the feeling of being unable to reach my hands together when wrapping my arms around my partner, that can be a sign of how big a person is and might be something to explore like if it's getting harder to do that. Talking about how sensuous curves are can be sexy too, how someone can...